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Alacritech accelerates iSCSI

Last month, Alacritech released its SES1001 iSCSI accelerator card, which speeds up Microsoft's iSCSI Software Initiator via hardware ASICs.

Analyst firm weighs in on backup, recovery

When it comes to backup and recovery, the Enterprise Storage Group (ESG) consulting firm says that organizations may want to take a good look at their plan from a business, not just a technology, perspective.

Experts offer advice on compliance

After having spent recent years bringing their organizations through large IT initiatives such as Y2K and company-wide ERP implementations, IT managers now find themselves navigating the murky and often uncharted waters of regulatory compliance.

How does storage fit into utility computing?

Though the concept goes by many names (which can lead to confusion), utility computing is an enticingly simple notion: Buy only the amount of computing/storage you need, when you need it—like flipping the light switch or turning on the water faucet—and respond effortlessly to changing business needs.

IBM offers integrated software suite

Knowing which software tool (or tools) to use to solve a particular data management issue is no easy task, especially in complex IT environments.

IBM takes the sting out of compliance

When it comes to regulatory compliance, no two users are alike, nor is their data.

New file-sharing options address user demands

When it comes to managing data, IT administrators at digital media, oil and gas, seismic, and chip simulation companies face a common challenge: making sure that authorized users—who can number in the hundreds or even thousands—have quick, shared access to data files.

Start-up spins a 'compelling' story

In a storage market in which point products abound, the idea of being able to buy a services-rich storage system from a single vendor may be welcome news to many end users, particularly those squeezed by tight budgets and demanding data requirements.

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Examining the TCO model for database archiving

Regulatory compliance, rather than cost savings, may be the best justification for considering database archiving.

Information life-cycle management: Myths and realities

The Enterprise Storage Group tackles what is arguably the storage industry's hottest (and most hyped) buzzword.


Fibre Channel vendors eye SMB market

Storage area networks are mainstream in large enterprises, but SAN adoption in small to medium-sized businesses presents challenges.

Wide area file services tame the distributed enterprise

Wide area file services consolidate file storage in a centralized location and intelligently provide fast access to high-use files over a WAN.


It's a good time to be an SMB

If you're a storage professional in a small to medium-sized business (SMB)—which many of our readers are—you're in luck.

Special Report

Market drivers and technology trends in data protection

The Enterprise Storage Group reviews the key trends and technologies in tape/disk backup and recovery, including replication techniques and new alternatives.

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Snia On Storage

Storage Networking World Spring recap

SNIA's chair presents user-related highlights from this month's conference and exhibition.

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