Disk Drives Featured Articles

How Do You Store A Zettabyte?
A ZB on flash, by one calculation, would cost $1.15 trillion per year to store at the moment, perhaps dropping to 238 billion per year by 2020. Tape would be $8 billion per year in 2015 and $1.9 billion by 2020.
One to Watch: Kinetic Ethernet-Based Storage Platform
The Kinetic Open Storage Project has gained heavyweight vendor support and promises to disrupt the storage landscape.
Reduxio Hybrid Arrays Make Snapshots Obsolete
The flash storage array maker promises to radically simplify data protection and recovery with new arrays that eliminate snapshots.
Hadoop Storage Options: Time to Ditch DAS?
Using enterprise systems with Hadoop is not cheap, but the benefits can be considerable.
DataDirect Networks Corrals Big Data with GS7K Appliance
New GS7K hardware provides HPC environments with a high-performance, storage building block for big data analytics.
PMC Announces 12 Gbps SAS Expander Card for the Hyperscale Era
The company's new SAS expander card targets the density-optimized server architectures used in hyperscale data centers.
Seagate Unleashes First 8 TB Hard Drive
With its sights set on the cloud, the hard drive maker ships the "world's first" 8 terabyte hard drive to early customers.
Dell Launches DL1000 and DR2000v Backup Appliances
Company ships new data protection offerings with SMBs and remote office environments in mind.
Winchester Ships FlashDisk FX Hybrid Arrays
Winchester Systems jumps on the auto-tiering bandwagon with a new line of hybrid storage arrays.
HP Unwraps the Flash-Friendly XP7 Enterprise Storage Array
HP takes on EMC VMAX with the latest generation of its highly-available XP Disk Array hardware.
What Do 6TB Drives Mean to Data Storage?
How will the release of these hefty drives change the data storage landscape?
SGI and Scality Team for Storage Migration and Tiering
The companies integrate their respective storage management technologies to help businesses quickly move massive amounts of data to cost-effective tiers of storage.
The Future of Cold Storage
Several data storage technologies are competing to be the leader in the storage of infrequently accessed data.
Toshiba Aims New HG6 SSDs at Servers and PCs
Featuring the company's latest 19nm MLC NAND innovations, the new SSDs can speed up read-intensive server applications.
HDDs Are Still Spinning (Rust Never Sleeps)
Contrary to some accounts, traditional spinning disks continue to play a major role in enterprise storage.
Dell Challenges Disk with All-Flash Compellent Storage Hardware
Company claims an economic advantage over traditional 15K disk-based storage systems with all-flash Compellent hardware that tiers data between SLC and MLC SSDs.
Quantum Boosts DXi8500 Backup With 3 TB Drives
New 3 TB drive option and security enhancements raises the bar for the company's disk-based backup systems.
IDC: EMC Tops Strong 1Q Disk Storage Market
The disk storage market experiences healthy growth despite the squeeze on the entry-level and high-end segments of the disk storage market.
HGST Intros 12Gbps SAS SSDs for Enterprise Storage Systems
Now a Western Digital company, HGST aims to make its SSDs the storage foundation for tomorrow's responsive clouds and data centers that deliver blistering enterprise apps performance.
Western Digital's Hitachi GST Buy Is a Done Deal
Regulatory hurdles cleared, and with a near-$5 billion payout, Western Digital will operate Hitachi GST as a subsidiary.
FTC: Western Digital-Hitachi Deal Hinges on Asset Sale to Toshiba
Western Digital will be required to sell assets and IP related to the manufacture of 3.5-inch hard drives to Toshiba for the FTC to sign off on the $4.5 billion deal.
Seagate Revises 2Q Guidance Upward but HDDs Still in Short Supply
Reporting preliminary fiscal second quarter 2012 financial results, Seagate Technology said revenues for the quarter were better than expected, but it believes hard disk drives will continue to be in short supply through 2012.