RAID Featured Articles

openBench Lab Review: Nexsan's SASBeast
Hands-on testing of Nexsan's iSCSI + FC array in a vSphere 4.1 VOE.
Understanding the hidden costs of storage
Technology advances have rendered the traditional cost-per-MB metric obsolete. IDC research manager Noemi Greyzdorf examines the hidden costs of storage and offers advice on how to "buy what you need, and pay for what you get."
Dell at a storage crossroads
After being outbid by HP for 3PAR, Dell faces a conundrum in its acquisition strategy.
SANpulse launches SAN migration software
Enterprise storage migration and data center consolidation projects have a success rate of only 16%.
HDS, HP ship high-end disk arrays
Both systems are based on Hitachi Ltd. platforms.
Top 10 storage acquisition possibilities
Speculation is rampant after HP's $2.4 billion 3PAR buy.