RAID Featured Articles

Pillar Data doubles Axiom performance
Pillar Data Systems is now shipping a new version of its Slammer storage controllers with twice the cache and CPU horsepower of previous Slammers, boosting the overall performance of its Axiom 600 storage system.
LSI adds 6Gbps SAS controllers, adapters
LSI today introduced a slew of controllers and adapters that support the 6Gbps SAS interface, including cards in its MegaRAID and 3ware RAID controller families.
Dell boosts DAS performance with 6Gbps SAS
Dell rolled out a new line of 6Gbps SAS storage controllers and enclosures today that tout twice the performance of its previous family of SAS-based DAS products.
Compellent simplifies replication, cuts pricing
With the introduction of its Storage Center 5 SAN array and software today, Compellent has added a number of features designed to simplify storage management tasks such as replication and to cut initial and ongoing storage costs.