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Virtual Private Cloud Storage Startup Zadara Nabs $3M from Toshiba
July 31, 2013 -- The cloud storage startup will partner with SSD maker Toshiba for new "storage-as-a-service" offerings.
Diablo Takes DIMM View of Server-Side Flash
July 30, 2013 -- Forget PCIe SSDs. Diablo Technologies has found another way to cozy up to powerful server processors and deliver better application performance.
SolidFire Unveils the All-SSD SF9010 Storage System
July 25, 2013 -- Storage startup lays claim to the industry's largest and fastest all-SSD system as it attracts $31 million in new funding.
Fusion-io Courts the Open Source Crowd
July 24, 2013 -- As flash storage claws its way deeper into the data center, Fusion-io turns to open source developers to cook up the next generation of high performance applications.