Ssd Drives Featured Articles

Sun adds SSDs to enterprise servers
March 12, 2009 -- Sun Microsystems is continuing on its quest to put flash drives everywhere. The company revealed the latest step in its solid-state disk SSD) drive strategy when it announced availability of SSDs for its Sun x64 servers, chip multi-threaded (CMT) servers, and blade server systems.
Texas Memory launches PCIe SSD
March 10, 2009 -- Texas Memory Systems is shipping to OEMs the RamSan-20 solid-state disk (SSD) drive, which packs 450GB of flash memory on a PCIe card. End-user shipments are expected in the next month or two.
Pillar puts SSDs in Axiom arrays
March 9, 2009 -- Pillar Data Systems has joined the ranks of vendors now offering support for solid-state disk (SSD) drives across its line of enterprise storage arrays.