Ssd Drives Featured Articles

Toshiba Acquires OCZ for $35M
December 5, 2013 -- It's (nearly) a done deal. The electronics giant snaps up the struggling SSD maker's assets.
Toshiba Debuts Read Optimized, 19nm Enterprise SSDs
December 3, 2013 -- The flash storage provider debuts new solid-state drives for IT systems that need to fetch data faster for efficient access to "read intensive" workloads.
Toshiba Eyes Bankrupt Flash Storage Provider OCZ
December 2, 2013 -- Electronics giant and flash chip manufacturer Toshiba offers to buy up the assets of SSD maker during bankruptcy proceedings.
SSD Business: It's Getting Crazy Out There
December 2, 2013 -- The news in the storage business, and in SSD in particular, has been remarkably volatile as of late.