Industry News and Analysis

Data Storage Industry Braces for AI and Machine Learning
March 16, 2017 -- Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer tremendous advantages – and also drastically increase the need for storage.
Storage Industry Reacts to HPE-Nimble Deal
March 8, 2017 -- Industry players share their thoughts on an acquisition that sees HPE plucking another independent storage provider out of the marketplace.
Leading Vendors in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
March 7, 2017 -- By 2018, the number of organizations using disaster recovery as a service will exceed the number of organizations using traditional recovery services.
Nimble Eyes Enterprise-Grade Storage on AWS and Azure Clouds
February 28, 2017 -- The company's new multi-cloud storage service provides data management and services to applications running on the AWS and Azure clouds.
SSDs to Benefit from Machine Learning in Data Storage
February 21, 2017 -- The use of machine learning in storage systems may give SSD endurance a massive boost.
HPE Aims to 'Futureproof' All-Flash Storage with 3PAR Updates
February 14, 2017 -- The IT giant announces new capabilities to prepare businesses for storage technologies like NVMe and storage-class memory.
8 Big Enterprise SSD Trends to Expect in 2017
February 10, 2017 -- Expect innovation to increase and costs to come down as enterprise SSDs continue to grow in popularity.
Businesses Face SSD Recycling Risks
February 6, 2017 -- Most organizations aren't doing their due diligence when it comes to making sure their IT recyclers are securely wiping sensitive data from their drives, reveals a recent study from Blancco.
HGST Hard Drives Rank High in Reliability
February 1, 2017 -- Backblaze's latest hard drive reliability study reveals that hard drive failure rates are falling across the board.
Pure Storage's FlashBlade Converged Hardware is Generally Available
January 28, 2017 -- After months of limited availability, the company's converged systems for unstructured and big data workloads is ready for all comers.
The Missing Links in Software-Defined Storage
January 24, 2017 -- Vendors and IT teams have work to do before SDS can reach its full potential.
Top Ten Software-Defined Storage Tips
January 19, 2017 -- Experts offer advice for making the most of your software-defined storage deployment.
HPE Acquires SimpliVity in Hyperconverged Push
January 18, 2017 -- HPE pushes further into the market for hyperconverged system by snapping up Westborough, Mass.-based SimpliVity.
10 More Top Data Storage Applications
January 11, 2017 -- These applications can help enterprises improve performance, agility, availability and/or scalability for their cloud or on-premise storage.
Kaminario Raises $75M in Global Push
January 10, 2017 -- The all-flash storage array maker plans to expand it channel partner program into more territories.
10 Top Data Storage Applications
January 9, 2017 -- These are some of the leading storage management and software-defined storage applications available today.
Western Digital Debuts NVMe PCIe Consumer SSDs
January 6, 2017 -- So long SATA? The company announces new PCIe SSDs for ultra-fast storage in the mainstream consumer space.
Cloud Storage Concerns, Considerations and Trends
January 2, 2017 -- If you're using or thinking about using cloud storage, these are the things you'll need to think about.
SSD Trends, Tips and Topics
December 26, 2016 -- Solid state devices are in your future — if you're not using them already.
AES Encryption Advantages: Storage vs. CPU
December 14, 2016 -- You need to encrypt data at rest, but should you use the storage device or the CPU to do the encryption work?
10 Tips for Better Public Cloud Storage Security
December 13, 2016 -- In some cases, public cloud storage services may be more secure than in-house data centers.
Quantum StorNext Reaches into the Cloud
December 13, 2016 -- StorNext 5.4 from Quantum includes new public cloud integrations and the ability to run applications directly on Xcellis systems.
Flash a Bright Spot in Declining Storage Market
December 9, 2016 -- All-flash storage arrays made big gains in the last quarter despite a 3.2-percent dip in overall enterprise storage revenue.
10 Tips to Maximize the Value of Public Cloud Storage
December 8, 2016 -- Going slowly, doing your homework and making smart choices can ease your transition to cloud storage services.
Western Digital Previews Its Flash-First Future
December 6, 2016 -- Hard drives take a back seat as flash commands the spotlight during data storage provider's Investor Day.