Industry News and Analysis

Adapter combines Fibre Channel, Gbit Ethernet
May 1, 2000 -- Next week, Interphase Corp. is expected to ship a dual-port adapter that combines Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet ports on one card.
Imation to provide Jiro code
May 1, 2000 -- Imation and Sun Microsystems have announced a co-development plan that calls for Imation to develop Jiro-based management software for Sun's network storage products.
Storage utilities show promise<br>But skepticism persists
May 1, 2000 -- Ever-increasing storage needs, fueled by data-intensive applications and a robust e-commerce economy, will continue to pace the growth of the storage utility market, according to a number of research firms
SNIA delivers CIM Object Manager
May 1, 2000 -- The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has released open source code for the Common Information Model (CIM) Object Manager, which will eventually be used to manage all network objects, including storage devices, servers, clusters, and applications
SAN-based data sharing poses challenges
May 1, 2000 -- In the second of a three-part series, we look at possible approaches to solving data-sharing problems in storage area networks.
May 1, 2000 -- Taking aim at the market segment dominated by McData Corp., Inrange Technologies last month began shipping a high-end "director" class Fibre Channel switch with 64 ports.
NAS and SAN: similarities and differences
May 1, 2000 -- Network-attached storage and storage area networks address the same problems but from different angles.
Logical versus physical data views
May 1, 2000 -- Particularly in mixed LAN/NAS/SAN environments, a logical view of data may provide advantages over a physical view.
Legato, Veritas tackle clustering
May 1, 2000 -- Growing intolerance for server downtime, driven by e-business applications, has made IT administrators look to server clustering to ensure availability.
It's time for a SAN reality check
May 1, 2000 -- No publication has been more evangelical in its support for storage area networks (SANs) than this one, but what can be perceived as hype has apparently led to unrealistic expectations regarding the rate of end-user SAN adoption
IPMI enhances enclosure management
May 1, 2000 -- With an in-band enclosure management protocol, the Intelligent Platform Management Interface can augment IT management in heterogeneous environments.
IBM pumps $400M into SAN business
May 1, 2000 -- In a move that industry analysts describe as a strategic counter-thrust against archrival EMC, IBM last month announced plans to invest $400 million in open-systems storage area network (SAN) product development and services
ADIC breaks into NAS market
May 1, 2000 -- Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) last month jumped into the network-attached storage (NAS) market with StorNext, the first in an antici pated family of NAS appliances expected from the tape library vendor
How to build SCSI and SCSI+FC SANs
May 1, 2000 -- It's possible to build a SCSI-centric SAN, but a Fibre Channel/SCSI combination may offer advantages.
Four steps to high availability
May 1, 2000 -- A high-availability (HA) IT environment requires more than clustered servers.
Fibre Channel, SCSI, InfiniBand: Four opinions
May 1, 2000 -- The future roles of Fibre Channel, SCSI, and InfiniBand are being hotly debated. In an attempt to douse the fires, we asked contributing writers Elizabeth Ferrarini and Lee Steele to interview vendor representatives and one industry analyst
Evaluating disk subsystem performance
May 1, 2000 -- Disk subsystems range from single disk drives to large installations of disk arrays. They can be directly attached to individual computer systems or configured as larger shared-access storage area networks (SANs)
EMC #1 in storage software
May 1, 2000 -- ueled by an 84% growth in revenues last year, EMC has become the top vendor of storage management software, according to Dataquest, a market research firm in San Jose
Diverse sites embrace Fibre Channel SANs
May 1, 2000 -- User case studies reveal the potential advantages of storage area networks in a wide range of application environments.
DataCore debuts storage domain manager
May 1, 2000 -- Next week, DataCore Software is expected to introduce SANsymphony, a software-only approach to what analyst firms such as the Gartner Group generally refer to as storage domain managers
Compaq adds SAN building blocks
May 1, 2000 -- Compaq has continued its methodical storage area network (SAN) product and services rollout by shipping new management tools and hardware devices that add to its growing number of building blocks for heterogeneous SANs.
CA offers server-less backup
May 1, 2000 -- With the release of a new version of Image Option this month, Computer Associates says it has made server-less backup a reality in ARCserveIT environments
May 1, 2000 -- StorageTek (STK) and Great Hill Partners (a Boston-based investment firm) recently announced the formation of ManagedStorage International, which will offer storage services such as storage on demand, server and PC backup, and content management
Vixel aims for heterogeneous SAN management
May 1, 2000 -- Last month, Vixel Corp. began shipping management software designed to help storage administrators monitor and manage heterogeneous storage area network (SAN) components, including Fibre Channel switches, hubs, and host bus adapters (HBAs)