Industry News and Analysis

Legato shores up portfolio with OTG acquisition
February 27, 2002 -- Legato Systems says its planned acquisition of OTG Software, a developer of data storage, data access, and e-mail management software, will result in tangible benefits for end users as early as next quarter. The combined company will reportedly unveil a detailed integration plan and product road map at the close of the deal, which could be as early as May.
Intel ships iSCSI host adapter
February 20, 2002 -- Next month, Intel is expected to begin shipments of a Gigabit Ethernet adapter that is optimized for iSCSI storage applications, enabling the creation of IP-based storage area networks (SANs). According to International Data Corp., the iSCSI market is expected to ramp up later this year, growing to almost $2.5 billion by 2005. Eventually, iSCSI is expected to provide an alternative to Fibre Channel at the low end of the SAN market.
Netreon addresses low-cost SAN management
February 13, 2002 -- Recently spun off from parent corporation Peerless Systems, Netreon is eyeing the midrange storage area network (SAN) market--a segment it claims has not been serviced by more-established SAN management software vendors.
StorageNetworks bets on software
February 6, 2002 -- StorageNetworks put another feather in its software and services cap with a contract win from IT services company EDS, but it also hopes the contract will make a strong impact on the network storage management software market.
Network storage options: FC vs. IP
February 1, 2002 -- This year, IP will emerge as an alternative to Fibre Channel for building storage area networks, presenting end users with new options
New optical drive, media boost capacity
February 1, 2002 -- Within the next quarter, TDK will ship a 2GB CD-RW burner with a custom MultiLevel (ML) integrated circuit (IC) built into the drive
NDMP acceptance growing
February 1, 2002 -- The Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) is expected to gain a stronger foothold in the end-user community as several vendors plan to ship products compliant with the latest Version 4.0 specification over the next quarter
Make way for the Serial ATA interface
February 1, 2002 -- The new disk drive interface is designed for PCs as well as low-end servers and network-attached storage file servers
Tape vendors fight back
February 1, 2002 -- New, more-powerful drives on the horizon
Why you need storage resource management
February 1, 2002 -- An independent analyst defines SRM and its benefits to IT administrators tasked with strategic storage planning
Tips on enterprise storage management
February 1, 2002 -- IT managers should focus on heterogeneity, centralization, snapshots/replication, and storage virtualization.
Introduction to storage virtualization: Definitions and benefits
February 1, 2002 -- An in-depth look at virtualization approaches as well as in-band and out-of-band and other solutions
Software turns PC servers into NAS
February 1, 2002 -- One-year-old San Francisco-based Mountain View Data (MVD) has created a software kit that allows OEMs to turn a standard PC server into a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance that supports Windows, Unix, and Macintosh files in addition to offering high-end features such as snapshots
New Products
February 1, 2002 -- Inrange Technologies recently began a "controlled introduction" of a 256-port Fibre Channel director-class switch, which is part of the company's IN-VSN FC/9000 family
Holographic storage on the horizon
February 1, 2002 -- The race is on to commercialize holographic data storage technology. However, products may still be a few years away
Continuous replication enhances tape backup
February 1, 2002 -- Disk-to-disk replication can offload the backup process from production servers
Business Briefs
February 1, 2002 -- <b>Vixel</b> and <b>BlueArc</b> have signed an OEM agreement, whereby BlueArc's Si7500 Storage System will incorporate Vixel's Fibre Channel switches to provide high-speed connectivity and path redundancy between servers and storage arrays
Beyond backup: Ensuring data protection
February 1, 2002 -- The name of the game isn't backup and recovery; it's data protection
DVD-RAM, DVD-R find a home in healthcare
February 1, 2002 -- Advantages include low cost, media removability and durability, and random access
Early adopters make the case for virtualization
February 1, 2002 -- Despite a strong push by nearly a dozen vendors to promote the technology and an almost year-long media/analyst campaign to educate users about its varied benefits, storage virtualization has yet to gain a solid footing in the IT community
How to implement a network storage policy
February 1, 2002 -- Establishing formal storage policies can help you get a grip on storage resource allocation and capacity usage
Former SSPs target backup/recovery
February 1, 2002 -- While storage service providers (SSPs) have shrugged off the SSP business model and label, they are focusing on backup-and-recovery services, which provide one-half to two-thirds of all SSP revenue, according to Adam Couture, senior analyst at the Gartner Inc. consulting firm, in San Jose, CA
EMC at the crossroads: Wide-eyed over WideSky
February 1, 2002 -- EMC faces a challenge equaled only by its assault on IBM's hegemony in the mainframe storage market a long time ago
Interoperability: What it is and what users really want
February 1, 2002 -- Interoperability encompasses many layers, including conformance to standards, component-level interoperability, and end-to-end system interoperability.