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EMC to enter Windows-based NAS market
April 30, 2003 -- At its annual Technology Summit user and partner conference this week in Las Vegas, EMC made a number of announcements with far-reaching competitive implications.
Emulex and Intel team up on FC, SATA, SAS
April 22, 2003 -- At last week's Storage Networking World conference, Emulex and Intel announced a partnership that is expected to lead to "next-generation" storage processors and related boards and software--possibly in the fourth quarter.
John Hatcher, Michael Wolf join <I>InfoStor Europe</I> staff
April 22, 2003 -- Nashua, NH--PennWell is pleased to announce the additions of John Hatcher and Michael Wolfe to the editorial and sales staff of <I>InfoStor Europe</I>.
Sun tackles storage virtualization
April 15, 2003 -- This month, Sun began shipping its N1 Data Platform, which is based on hardware and virtualization software that it acquired from Pirus Networks last year. The platform provides storage pooling and consolidation by allowing users to allocate storage resources on demand.
Fujitsu Softek augments SRM software
April 9, 2003 -- Cash-strapped IT departments are increasingly realizing that, although storage resource management (SRM) software can be expensive, it can also decrease overall hardware and management costs. As a result of increased awareness of the benefits of SRM--as well as projections of a market that could exceed $4 billion by 2006--the SRM space has become not only crowded, but also fiercely competitive.
InterSAN adds SRM, boosts SAM automation
April 2, 2003 -- InterSAN has added storage resource management (SRM) capabilities and enhanced policy-based management in the latest version of its storage area management (SAM) software--Pathline 2.5. The company also announced that Fidelity Investments is deploying Pathline 2.5 across its data centers.
Policies automate storage management
April 1, 2003 -- Storage professionals have become accustomed to fighting fires. Even the basic task of provisioning a request for storage can become a headache for over-stressed IT departments.
Why you need (more) storage security
April 1, 2003 -- Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about storage security, but it is still a confusing issue to many IT administrators. Why? Because although security is a huge puzzle for any IT organization, the concept of focusing on security as it applies specifically to storage is a relatively new topic.
VCs pour, and storage start-ups drink
April 1, 2003 -- Despite the economic slowdown and IT spending clampdown, venture capitalists keep funneling money into storage start-ups at a surprising rate.
Users weigh in on tape-vs.-disk backup debate
April 1, 2003 -- In a recent InfoStor survey, industry analysts and integrators gave disk-based backup high marks.
Users split over SAN management approaches
April 1, 2003 -- When it comes to purchasing storage management software, end users generally fall into two camps: those who prefer to purchase products from a single vendor and those who prefer to buy best-of-breed (or point) products from multiple vendors.
Start-up joins SRM software ranks
April 1, 2003 -- Austin, TX-based Deepfile is adding a new twist to stand-alone storage resource management (SRM) products by offering automated SRM functionality built into a hardware appliance that supports CIFS and NFS.
SRM software enables storage best practices
April 1, 2003 -- The first generation of storage resource management (SRM) software provides basic features such as reporting, monitoring, and trend analysis that help IT administrators understand the complexity of their storage environment. However, users are demanding more-advanced features so that SRM can be used for strategic planning. SRM software must mature and provide advanced features that can be used to achieve this new objective.
Sony bests LTO, SDLT with 500GB S-AIT drive
April 1, 2003 -- Sony recently began volume shipments of Super AIT (S-AIT) tape drives, which the company claims creates a new class of "super" tape drives&mdash;a distinction warranted by the drive's industry-high 500GB native capacity.
iSCSI gains a toehold in SAN market
April 1, 2003 -- Few storage technologies have shown as much promise&mdash;and inflated expectations&mdash;as iSCSI, which enables end users to build purportedly low-cost storage area networks (SANs) that run over standard Ethernet TCP/IP networks.
New Products
April 1, 2003 -- New Products
NAS start-ups rely on distributed file systems
April 1, 2003 -- Two network-attached storage (NAS) start-ups offering ATA-based systems are targeting the fixed content&mdash;or reference information&mdash;market, which is expected to grow 92% per year, according to The Enterprise Storage Group (ESG).
Leasing helps storage professionals manage costs
April 1, 2003 -- In recent years, maximizing budget dollars has become an increasingly important IT consideration. Now more than ever before, storage professionals are weighing purchasing options, which raises the all-too-critical question: Should organizations lease or buy storage equipment?
HP boosts NAS performance, slashes prices
April 1, 2003 -- Hewlett-Packard is increasing performance and cutting prices on its next generation of StorageWorks network-attached storage (NAS) devices.
File systems deliver on the promise of SANs
April 1, 2003 -- Many IT managers today find themselves struggling to efficiently manage "islands of storage."
Fabric-based intelligence gets vendor nod
April 1, 2003 -- News last month that Brocade had signed up seven more independent software vendors (ISVs) as Fabric Application Development Partners signals a growing trend in the industry to move storage applications off hosts and disk arrays and into the fabric.
Consider the online alternative to tape-based backup
April 1, 2003 -- If a disaster were to strike your company today, are you confident you could fully restore all of your data? An effective data-protection strategy is as critical to ensuring business continuity as a property insurance policy, but unfortunately many businesses may be at risk because they are using outdated backup methods.
April 1, 2003 -- Briefs
Assessing SAN backup options
April 1, 2003 -- We are looking for options to back up our SAN. We have a XIOtech disk array, eight servers, a Brocade switch, an SDLT library, and Veritas software.
Windows Server 2003 means better storage management
April 1, 2003 -- This month, Microsoft finally introduced its long-awaited Windows Server 2003, which includes new storage management capabilities as well as other features.