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SVC for MDS supports non-IBM arrays
July 28, 2004 -- At its Storage and Storage Networking Symposium earlier this week, IBM, alongside partner Cisco Systems, unveiled a new release of its TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) software for Cisco's MDS 9000 switches. The 1.1.8 release includes first-time support for non-IBM midrange disk arrays, as well as iSCSI connectivity.
Storage channel reports solid sales for Q2
July 27, 2004 -- Despite a recent rash of revenue warnings from storage vendors, a majority of distributors, resellers, and integrators still remain bullish on the overall spending pipeline and revenue outlook for 2004, according to a July report from Thomas Weisel Partners, a financial analyst firm.
EMC enhances Centera
July 21, 2004 -- EMC recently added more protocol support to its Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) system so that customers can archive data generated from applications that have not been integrated with Centera.
STK takes steps toward ILM portfolio
July 14, 2004 -- Storage Technology recently added a new backup monitoring and automation software tool that can be used with its L-Series and StreamLine tape libraries (including the recently released StreamLine SL500 and SL8500), a move that fits into the company's larger goal of becoming a player in the information life-cycle management (ILM) market.
Copan offers 'no-spin' D2D system
July 6, 2004 -- Within the next two months, Copan Systems is expected to announce general availability of its Serial ATA-based Revolution 200T RAID array, originally announed in April. One feature that differentiates the array from existing disk-based backup products is that it only spins disks when reading or writing data. The system is designed for "write-once, read-occasionally data" and applications such as backup/restore and scientific research. Copan is primarily targeting Fortune 500 companies.
Is online disk backup a fit for SMBs?
July 1, 2004 -- In a recent survey conducted by Gartner Research, 64% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) said they backed up their data on-site, not off-site for disaster-recovery purposes.
Who needs 4Gbps Fibre Channel?
July 1, 2004 -- Host bus adapter (HBA) and switch vendors are expected to usher in 4Gbps Fibre Channel products late this year or early next year, a move that will make 4Gbps an interim speed before the industry takes on the major forklift transition to 10Gbps Fibre Channel.
User survey shows fast growth for NAS
July 1, 2004 -- NAS is finally getting a stronger foothold into data centers, as more early SAN adopters within Fortune 1000 companies plan to increase the amount of storage capacity they put on NAS, according to an extensive end-user survey conducted by TheInfoPro, a research firm based in New York City.
SAN management: The good, the bad, the ugly
July 1, 2004 -- End-user adoption of SAN management software has been slow, but advances such as integration with SRM may improve the picture.
New Products
July 1, 2004 --
Most Valuable Products Awards
July 1, 2004 -- Members of the ASNP as well as industry analysts narrowed a field of hundreds of product submissions down to five finalists in each of six categories, and <i>InfoStor</i>'s end-user readers and the ASNP membership (all end users) voted on the winners in each category.
MaXXan upgrades intelligent switches
July 1, 2004 -- While vendors such as Cisco, Brocade, Maranti, and McData continue to focus on first-generation intelligent switch platforms, four-year-old start-up MaXXan this month began shipments of its second-generation switch platform&mdash;the MXV500 Intelligent SAN Switch.
Hitachi mixes SATA, FC drives
July 1, 2004 -- Adds compliance features
ILM and ECM: The confluence of technology, business
July 1, 2004 -- Enterprise content management and storage management come together in information life-cycle management.
IBM takes 'virtual' steps with SFS
July 1, 2004 -- IBM last month took what some analysts say are significant steps forward in its virtualization strategy with the 2.1 release of TotalStorage SAN File System (SFS).
EMC, Dell ship SATA arrays for SMBs
July 1, 2004 -- Prices start at less than $6,000
Copan offers 'no-spin' D2D system
July 1, 2004 -- Within the next two months, Copan Systems is expected to begin production shipments of its Serial ATA-based Revolution 200T RAID array, which was originally announced in April.
CA outlines ILM road map
July 1, 2004 -- At its annual CA World conference&mdash;which attracted about 10,000 customers and partners&mdash;in late May, Computer Associates presented its strategy for information life-cycle management (ILM) product delivery.
Business Briefs
July 1, 2004 --
Building a SAN for SMBs, part 3
July 1, 2004 -- Smart software, switches, HBAs, and even smarter storage arrays render the notion of direct-attached storage absolutely dumb.
A word about awards
July 1, 2004 -- There are a number of different ways to do awards, each with strengths and weaknesses.
Why you need auto-provisioning
July 1, 2004 -- The goal is to decrease the manual, repetitive, error-prone steps that are typically required to provision storage.