Industry News and Analysis

InMage focuses on data continuity
February 23, 2005 -- With the release earlier this week of its DR-Scout product, InMage, a start-up led by Brocade co-founder Kumar Malavalli, claims it is making it easier--and more affordable--for mid-tier users to protect their data, as well as consolidate data at remote offices.
EMC adds iSCSI to Clariion arrays
February 15, 2005 -- EMC's announcement earlier this week of support for native iSCSI on its Clariion disk arrays is expected to accelerate end-user adoption of iSCSI-based IP SANs.
Deepfile reinvents itself, narrows focus
February 8, 2005 -- One of the biggest problems users run into when trying to meet regulatory requirements for unstructured data types (e.g., e-mail and files) is determining what data needs to be saved for compliance purposes and what data doesn't.
STK targets fixed content, compliance
February 2, 2005 -- StorageTek this week expanded its write-once, read-many (WORM) capabilities beyond tape to include disk media with the introduction of its Lifecycle Fixed Content Manager (LFCM) 100, a SATA-based disk system for the long-term storage of fixed content and compliance-related data--in particular, e-mail.
ONStor ships low-cost NAS gateway
February 1, 2005 -- ONStor last month marked its one-year anniversary with the introduction of its second product, the Bobcat NAS Gateway.
VARs, users weigh in on Symantec-Veritas deal
February 1, 2005 -- There was no shortage of financial analysts willing to weigh in on the blockbuster Symantec-Veritas acquisition back in December when the deal was announced.
Sorting out disk drive options
February 1, 2005 -- Q: What type of disk drive should I use?
SNIA sets aggressive goals for SMI-S
February 1, 2005 -- SMI-S 1.1 will include services for NAS, host volume management, performance monitoring, health/fault management, iSCSI, policy management, and security enhancements.
SMBs address data-protection issues
February 1, 2005 -- <i>InfoStor</i> recently took a look at how four small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are tackling their data-protection challenges.
Overland intros software PACs
February 1, 2005 -- Overland Storage last month introduced the first in a series of software application PACs, or modules, for its REO series of disk-to-disk (D2D) backup-and-recovery appliances.
Make way for SATA II
February 1, 2005 -- Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives took the market by storm last year, and the popularity of high capacity (400GB per drive), low-cost SATA subsystems is expected to continue unabated this year.
New Products
February 1, 2005 --
McData ships 256-port backbone director
February 1, 2005 -- Announces CNT acquisition
Compliance: Be afraid, be very afraid
February 1, 2005 -- Just kidding. I don&rsquo;t want to fan the Y2K-like hysteria surrounding regulatory compliance.
Case Studies: How users are addressing regulatory compliance
February 1, 2005 -- If you&rsquo;re in the healthcare or financial industries, regulatory compliance has likely become a significant issue over the past couple of years.
Capacity planning for storage on demand
February 1, 2005 -- Successful capacity planning is a prerequisite to supplying storage on demand in a storage utility model.
Business Briefs
February 1, 2005 --
Building a SAN for SMBs, part 7: Build a SAN in less than an hour
February 1, 2005 -- Hewlett-Packard and QLogic combine forces to develop HP&rsquo;s SMB SAN Kit.
Veritas courts SMBs with BE 10.0
February 1, 2005 -- Virtually every storage vendor is going after the SMB, or SME, market, and Veritas is no exception.