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June 29, 2007 -- Alternative Technology, Atempo, Brocade, Compellent, DataCore, Double-Take Software, Emulex, ExaGrid Systems, Exanet, IBM, InMage Systems, Promark Technology, Stratus Technologies, Sun, Synegi, USI Corp., Virtual Iron Software, Voyant Strategies, and Yosemite Technologies
Data Domain IPO: Barometer for de-dupe?
June 28, 2007 -- <B>June 28, 2007</B>—Data Domain was one of the first companies to recognize that data de-duplication technology would play a key role in the world of disk-based backup.
NetApp offers any-to-any replication
June 27, 2007 -- <B>June 27, 2007</B>—Network Appliance this week announced it is repackaging and customizing its data-replication technology and targeting it at mixed-vendor storage environments
Quantum to offer de-dupe options
June 26, 2007 -- <B>June 26, 2007</B>—Quantum plans to extend its family of disk-based backup-and-replication appliances this week by adding an enterprise-class version of its DXi system to the mix
Backup software targets ROBOs
June 25, 2007 -- <B>June 25, 2007</B>—Coming out of relative obscurity, ROBObak today introduced an integrated suite of backup/recovery/archive software consisting of its eponymous ROBObak software and a number of other existing and new modules.
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June 22, 2007 -- Accusys, Arbitech, ASUS, AuraGen Technologies, Axstor, Bell, Coma Zalohovaci Systemy, Condre Storage, CorData, Crucial Technology, Emulex, Gigabyte, Hewlett-Packard, iStor Networks, Kano, NEC, Netgear, Netweb, PDE Technology, QStar Technologies, RAID Inc., Spectra Logic, SteelEye Technology, Thinkmate, Variel Technology, Xiotech, XSI Data Solutions, Xyratex Ltd., and Zetera
HP revamps EVA with space-saving software
June 22, 2007 -- <B>June 22, 2007</B>—Hewlett-Packard rolled out three new versions of its midrange disk arrays this week with the introduction of the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) 4100, 6100, and 8100 models.
InMage extends DR/CDP software
June 21, 2007 -- <B>June 21, 2007</B>—The 4.0 version of InMage Systems' DR-Scout disaster recovery (DR) and continuous data protection (CDP) software includes a number of enhancements,
Infortrend ships SAS-SAS RAID array
June 20, 2007 -- <B>June 20, 2007</B>—According to a recent report from the Gartner Dataquest market research firm, drive manufacturers shipped 4.15 million Serial Attached SCSI SAS) drives in 2006,
Seagate unveils power-conscious 10K drive
June 19, 2007 -- <B>June 19, 2007</B>—Seagate Technology today announced a new hard disk drive that strikes a balance among capacity, performance, and power consumption.
Symantec bundles archiving and security
June 18, 2007 -- <B>June 18, 2007</B>—Symantec has integrated its archiving and security technologies for e-mail, instant messaging, and Web traffic in a single suite aimed at preventing data loss, securing corporate communications, and speeding the eDiscovery process.
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June 14, 2007 -- Adaptec, Arrow Electronics, AviStor, CommVault, FalconStor Software, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Incipient, Intel, LeftHand Networks, Microsoft, ProStor Systems, Sonasoft, Synnex, Tek-Tools Software, TimeSpring Software, and V2 Electronics
Start-up offers IP storage clusters
June 14, 2007 -- <B>June 14, 2007</B>—Start-up Pivot3 made its presence known this week with a new approach toward cost-effective network storage.
NetBackup upgrade focuses on D2D
June 13, 2007 -- <B>June 13, 2007</B>—Disk, tape, data movement: It doesn't matter. Symantec wants to unify the management of all things backup.
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June 13, 2007 -- Brocade, Bull, CaminoSoft, CommVault, Dynamic Network Factory, Emulex, Fujitsu Siemens, Network Appliance, PacketLight Networks, Stonefly, Storewiz, and 3PAR
Disk arrays: EMC rules, NetApp gains
June 12, 2007 -- <B>June 12, 2007</B>—The Gartner Inc. research and consulting firm recently released its Q1 2007 market share and revenue figures for the external, controller-based disk array market.
Silver Peak boosts WAN performance
June 11, 2007 -- <B>June 11, 2007</B>—As the amount of data moving across the WAN continues to grow, vendors keep rolling out new tools for maximizing the performance of applications over distances.
Continuity Software tackles DR testing
June 8, 2007 -- <B>June 8, 2007</B>—Israeli start-up Continuity Software has set up shop in the United States and, for the first time, is making its disaster-recovery management product available to North American customers.
To blade, or not to blade?
June 7, 2007 -- <B>June 7, 2007</B>—The idea behind blade computing is a good one: Strip out and share key components such as power, cooling, and storage across multiple servers; reduce costs; and simplify the IT infrastructure.
Hitachi ups the ante in content archiving
June 6, 2007 -- <B>June 6, 2007</B>—Hitachi Data Systems has unveiled a new version of its Content Archive Platform with a slew of enhanced features in replication, security, de-duplication, and compression,
Brocade upgrades SAN, FAN products
June 5, 2007 -- <B>June 5, 2007</B>—Brocade is making good on its post-McData acquisition product road map with the launch of nearly a dozen enhancements to its SAN and file area network (FAN) offerings,
Build cheaper SANs with AoE
June 4, 2007 -- <B>June 4, 2007</B>—Organizations that don't want to deal with the high cost and complexity of Fibre Channel SANs often consider the iSCSI alternative. However, they may want to consider a third protocol
Brocade enters HBA market
June 1, 2007 -- <B>June 1, 2007</B>—In a move that came as a surprise to many, Brocade announced its entry into both the Fibre Channel and iSCSI host bus adapter (HBA) markets during a financial call yesterday.
NetApp extends de-dupe beyond backups
June 1, 2007 -- Data de-duplication has, to date, been relegated almost solely to the role of a space-saving technology for backup solutions.
The real state of SRM, part 1
June 1, 2007 -- In the first part of a three-part series on storage resource management, we look at what SRM tools are good for-and where improvements are required.
The benefits of SANs for SMBs
June 1, 2007 -- Although many SMBs have yet to install SANs, those companies are missing out on advantages in the areas of storage management, capacity planning, asset utilization, and data protection.
June 1, 2007 -- Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer?s guide for professionals.
EMC unites SRM, VMware
June 1, 2007 -- It has been two years since the last major update of EMC ControlCenter (ECC), but the company this month began shipping version 6.
NEC targets US disk array market
June 1, 2007 -- NEC, a major player on the global IT scene for more than four decades, is taking a crack at the North American storage market with the launch of a new series of modular disk arrays that can scale to more than a petabyte with zero downtime.
How to develop a practical storage model
June 1, 2007 -- Establishing a strict storage model will help you contain costs and manage capacity growth.
Hitachi revamps high-end arrays
June 1, 2007 -- Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has raised the stakes in the enterprise storage game with the launch of a bigger, faster version of its high-end disk array complete with thin provisioning, virtualization services, and a new approach to providing services-oriented storage.
Data classification: Use brains, not brawn
June 1, 2007 -- Data-classification initiatives increasingly rely on business value criteria, necessitating a move toward auto-classification using system-generated metadata.
June 1, 2007 -- This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.
Wikibon and predictive markets
June 1, 2007 -- As storage professionals, you may already be aware of, or may be participating in, a couple of relatively new Websites/projects, but in case you&rsquo;re not, we encourage you to check out www.wikibon.org and www.storagemarkets.com.