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Caringo upgrades CAS software
July 31, 2007 -- <B>July 31, 2007</B>—Start-up Caringo rolled out the second version of its CAStor content-addressed storage (CAS) software this week with new local and wide area replication features, better performance, and expectations that its software can change end-user perceptions of not only CAS technology but also the entire concept of information lifecycle management (ILM).
Unitrends encrypts on backup appliances
July 30, 2007 -- <B>July 30, 2007</B>—Unitrends, a maker of disk-based data protection products, is tightening security on its appliances with the introduction of InCrypt, a security option that encrypts data stored on the company's Data Protection Unit (DPU) and Data Protection Vault (DPV) systems.
SteelEye adds CDP to replication software
July 27, 2007 -- <B>July 27, 2007</B>—SteelEye this week released version 6 of LifeKeeper Protection Suite for Windows Server, which bundles LifeKeeper HA Clustering and SteelEye Data Replication.
Riverbed accelerates apps for mobile users
July 27, 2007 -- <B>July 26, 2007</B>—Wide area data services (WDS) specialist Riverbed Technology rolled out a new line of products today aimed at extending the WAN optimization and acceleration features of its Steelhead Appliance to bring LAN-like application performance and file access to the mobile workforce.
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July 26, 2007 -- A&T Systems, Acronis, Arsenal Digital Solutions, Asempra Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, HexiSTOR, Hifn, Jamcracker, MSI Systems Integrators, Novell, Opsware Inc., RAID Inc., Siafu Software, SoftNet Technology, Symantec, and XenSource
HP to buy Opsware for $1.6 billion
July 25, 2007 -- <B>July 25, 2007</B>—Hewlett-Packard this week announced that it has inked a deal to acquire data-center automation software vendor Opsware for $1.6 billion, the third-largest acquisition in HP's history behind only Compaq Computer and last year's purchase of Mercury Interactive.
Isilon expands clustered storage
July 24, 2007 -- <B>July 24, 2007</B>—Isilon this week released a clustered storage platform a third larger than its previous platform, as well as new software to manage it. The IQ 9000 and EX 9000 are high-density 2U nodes that use 12 750GB SATA-II drives from Seagate.
Thin provisioning goes mainstream
July 20, 2007 -- <B>July 23, 2007</B>—With the recent spate of announcements from a variety of vendors regarding thin provisioning, it is clear that this technology is rapidly expanding into the IT mainstream. NAS devices have long supported thin provisioning, but only recently has the feature moved into the larger block-level storage subsystems space.
VTL adoption and market trends
July 19, 2007 -- <B>July 19, 2007</B>—It was just about five years ago that the industry first started talking in earnest about open-systems virtual tape libraries (VTLs).
EqualLogic delivers free snapshots
July 18, 2007 -- <B>July 18, 2007</B>—EqualLogic added a new feature to its software stack this week with the launch of the Smart Copy function,
Hifn ships chip for secure replication
July 17, 2007 -- <B>July 17, 2007</B>—Storage OEMs have a new option when it comes to choosing a processor for securing replication links without impacting performance.
Hitachi USP V: Enterprise-Class Services Oriented Storage Solutions
July 17, 2007 -- This ESG Lab Validation analysis examines continuing enhancements to Hitachi's enterprise-class storage array and virtualization platform. This report highlights thin provisioning of internal and external storage, creating large logical pools of capacity and the improved performance of the USP V, which Hitachi delivers within the context of their Services Oriented Storage Solutions architecture.
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July 17, 2007 -- Asempra Technologies, ATTO Technology, Ciprico, EMC, GlassHouse Technologies, H3C Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Oracle, QLogic, RapidApp, SunGard, Symantec, and Xyratex.
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July 17, 2007 -- Asempra Technologies, ATTO Technology, Ciprico, EMC, GlassHouse Technologies, H3C Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Oracle, QLogic, RapidApp, SunGard, Symantec, and Xyratex.
EMC overhauls hardware platforms
July 16, 2007 -- <B>July 16, 2007</B>—EMC announced a slew of performance, security, and capacity upgrades across its entire family of hardware platforms today, including new versions of its Symmetrix arrays, an enhanced operating system, a more energy-efficient version of the Centera platform, and entry-level versions of its Celerra NAS products and Rainfinity file virtualization appliances.
SAS case study: Nonlinear editing
July 12, 2007 -- <B>July 12, 2007</B>—The Gartner Dataquest market research firm estimates that disk drive manufacturers shipped slightly more than four million Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives last year
Priming the storage security pump
July 12, 2007 -- <B>July 13, 2007</B>—The storage security market is at an inflection point similar to the inflection point that disaster-recovery and business continuance technologies went through earlier this decade.
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July 12, 2007 -- 3Leaf Systems, Agylisis, Atempo, ATTO Technology, Autodesk, Autonomy Corp. plc, Avnet, AXS-One, BakBone, CA, Data Domain, EMC, Emulex, FarStone, Hitachi Data Systems, Howard Technology Solutions, InMage, NeoScale, QLogic, Sercel, Sun, Symantec, Ultera Systems, Zantaz, Zunesis, and Zycko.
IBM revamps tape virtualization
July 11, 2007 -- <B>July 11, 2007</B>—IBM beefed up its virtual tape offerings for mainframe environments this week with the introduction of the Virtualization Engine TS7740
Quantum DXi-Series with Data De-duplication
July 11, 2007 -- Hands-on testing by ESG Lab using real-world application data highlights the disk capacity and WAN bandwidth savings and enhanced performance capabilities that can be achieved with the latest disk-based backup and replication appliances from Quantum.
CommVault overhauls data-protection software
July 10, 2007 -- <B>July 10, 2007</B>—CommVault has unveiled a major new release of its flagship data-protection software suite with the launch of Simpana 7.0—formerly known as the QiNetix data-management suite.
Quantum brings de-dupe to SMBs
July 9, 2007 -- <B>July 9, 2007</B>—Quantum today unveiled a low-cost, disk-based de-duplication appliance targeted at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
Q&A: Why do we need FCoE?
July 7, 2007 -- <B>July 6, 2007</B>—In April, a number of vendors proposed the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard, which will enable users to run Fibre Channel SAN traffic over standard Ethernet LANs.
VARs remain neutral about Q2 outlook
July 2, 2007 -- <B>July 2, 2007</B>—Robert W. Baird & Co. recently completed its quarterly assessment of the storage and server reseller channel, compiling survey results from 32 VARs representing about $8 billion in revenue.
The real state of SRM, part 2
July 1, 2007 -- <i>Part 1 in this series of articles (see June 2007, p. 31) focused on what SRM tools are</i> good for-and where improvements are required.
Tape market update: LTO&rsquo;s the bright spot
July 1, 2007 -- For the first time, overall revenues and unit shipments of tape libraries declined in 2006. Total revenue was down 15.6% (to $1.81 billion) relative to 2005, and unit shipments declined 4.5% (to 57,668 units).
Start-up offers IP storage clusters
July 1, 2007 -- Start-up Pivot3 recently made its presence known with a new approach toward cost-effective network storage.
Server virtualization: The case for iSCSI
July 1, 2007 -- In the context of server virtualization and storage, end users and vendors agree: Separate the storage from the server.
Options abound for tape, disk encryption
July 1, 2007 -- Protecting personal and private customer or employee data has become something of a national crusade these days. Unfortunately, so has the need to publicly expose any company that fails to adequately protect the sensitive data under its care.
New Products
July 1, 2007 -- Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer?s guide for professionals.
NetBackup upgrade focuses on D2D
July 1, 2007 -- Disk, tape, data movement: It doesn&rsquo;t matter. Symantec wants to unify the management of all things backup.
ILM isn&rsquo;t just about storage
July 1, 2007 -- <b>Depending on whom</b> you talk to, information lifecycle management (ILM) is nothing more than &ldquo;tiered storage,&rdquo; or, a new term for hierarchical storage management (HSM), or, a new way of classifying content for corporate or regulatory governance, or, something entirely different.
Introducing &lsquo;data warehouse appliances&rsquo;
July 1, 2007 -- Despite all the marketing talk about “intelligence” in the storage network, we still have a long way to go.
Hitachi ups the ante in content archiving
July 1, 2007 -- Hitachi Data Systems has unveiled a new version of its Content Archive Platform with a slew of enhanced features in replication, security, de-duplication, and compression, but the selling point could potentially be the sheer size of the system.
EMC supersizes VTLs, extends de-dupe
July 1, 2007 -- EMC recently rolled out a pair of large, Symmetrix-based virtual tape systems and several new software upgrades for data de-duplication, backup, and archiving.
Continuity Software tackles DR testing
July 1, 2007 -- Israeli start-up Continuity Software has set up shop in the U.S.
Business Briefs
July 1, 2007 -- This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.
Brocade upgrades SAN, FAN products
July 1, 2007 -- Brocade is making good on its post-McData acquisition product road map with the launch of nearly a dozen enhancements to its SAN and file area network (FAN) offerings, all while tightening interoperability between the companies&rsquo; respective products and attempting to shed its reputation as a block-level-only storage company.
Brocade enters HBA market via LSI
July 1, 2007 -- This month, Brocade marked its entry into the Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) market with shipments of re-branded adapters from LSI, putting the company in direct competition with market leaders Emulex and QLogic (which combined, have a market share of more than 80%).
&lsquo;To dupe, or not to dupe&rsquo; is not a question
July 1, 2007 -- Data de-duplication specialist Data Domain&rsquo;s successful IPO last month was a clear signal that this technology has hit the big time.
Vendors, users grapple with power concerns
July 1, 2007 -- Storage systems are major offenders when it comes to power consumption in the data center, but in the quest for energy-efficient technology the focus, at least so far, has been primarily on microprocessors and servers.