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Fujitsu to bail from HDD biz
February 28, 2009 -- Fujitsu to bail from HDD biz
Finisar spin-off launches SAN I/O software for VMware
February 27, 2009 -- SAN optimization vendor and Finisar spin-off Virtual Instruments has unveiled VirtualWisdom, a software product that peers into SAN I/O in VMware environments to troubleshoot the links between virtual machines and storage.
VirtenSys ships I/O virtualization switches
February 26, 2009 -- A new player emerged in the budding I/O virtualization market this week when VirtenSys announced the availability of its I/O Virtualization (IOV) Switches to server and storage OEMs.
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February 25, 2009 -- Bell Microproducts, Blade Network Technologies, Bycast, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Info X, Iomega, Reldata, Seanodes and Xyratex.
NetApp VTL - Enterprise class, storage efficient, disk-based backup
February 25, 2009 -- In 2007, ESG Lab tested NetApp VTL appliances and found enterprise-class performance and scalability, combined with easy implementation and integration. This ESG Lab Validation report presents the results of a new round of hands-on testing of the NetApp VTL appliances with a focus on recently added data deduplication functionality.
Iron Mountain launches cloud-based archiving
February 25, 2009 -- Iron Mountain's technology arm, Iron Mountain Digital, has announced the Virtual File Store service, a cloud-based storage offering for file archiving.
What's a PeSAN?
February 25, 2009 -- What's a PeSAN?
Nexsan enters iSCSI fray
February 24, 2009 -- Nexsan entered the iSCSI market this week with a series of SAN systems that also support Fibre Channel and NAS. The company's iSeries can be connected to any of Nexsan's disk subsystems, including the SATABoy, SATABeast, SASBoy and SASBeast.
Dell PowerVault DL2000 - Powered by CommVault
February 24, 2009 -- The Dell PowerVault DL2000 Powered by CommVault is a customer-installable, fully integrated backup to disk appliance that offers reliable data protection with file level data deduplication and fast, drill-down recovery. With CommVault‘s Continuous Data Replicator (CDR) agent, companies can protect their remote and branch offices while providing continuous protection of critical servers and applications.
EMC adds de-dupe, SSDs to NAS
February 23, 2009 -- EMC has overhauled its family of Celerra products to include four new systems with file system de-duplication, file-level retention and compliance capabilities, and solid-state disk (SSD) drives.
NetApp Ethernet storage - Protocol independent convergence with FCoE
February 20, 2009 -- This report explores documents the value of independent data mobility from FC to FCoE, demonstrates protocol independent access and storage services from a single NetApp Data ONTAP 7G platform, and verifies that the protocol independence of NetApp FAS and V-Series systems makes it easy to migrate from FC to FCoE technology.
FCIA makes the case for FCoE
February 20, 2009 -- The Fibre Channel Industry Association explains the advantages of the emerging Fibre Channel over Ethernet standard.
Seagate drops STEC lawsuit
February 20, 2009 -- Seagate drops STEC lawsuit
Emulex CNAs support 10GbE, iSCSI, FCoE
February 19, 2009 -- In the midst of celebrating its 30th anniversary this week, Emulex made a number of product announcements focused on data center consolidation, including converged network adapter cards that support 10GbE and iSCSI, as well as FCoE.
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February 18, 2009 -- AppSpeed, AutoVirt, Brocade, Consonus Technologies, Copan Systems, EMC, the Fibre Channel Industry Association, HP, IBM, LeftHand Networks, LSI, NetEx, Prodigy Networx, SANRAD, Seagate, Solution Technology and Thales.
StorMagic creates virtual SAN for VMware
February 18, 2009 -- StorMagic has wrapped its iSCSI SAN management software in a virtualized format to turn unused storage capacity on VMware servers into a virtual SAN.
IT energy efficiency -- the book
February 18, 2009 -- IT energy efficiency -- the book
Mellanox ships InfiniBand switch for I/O consolidation
February 17, 2009 -- Mellanox Technologies announced the availability of BridgeX, an InfiniBand gateway product that bridges Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand on a single 40Gbps fabric.
F5 acquires Attune technology
February 13, 2009 -- Application acceleration and file virtualization vendor F5 Networks has taken advantage of tight times by gobbling up the intellectual property of the now-defunct NAS and file virtualization company Attune Systems.
The upside of an economic downturn: Storage efficiency
February 12, 2009 -- Warren Buffett's remark that, "only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked" is apropos for the current economic downturn. Today, more than ever, many organizations are feeling exposed and anxious.
i365 streamlines SaaS partner program
February 12, 2009 -- Seagate's SaaS arm, i365, has consolidated its acquisitions and launched a new program to expand its network of partners.
Recent announcements from:
February 12, 2009 -- Avid, Chelsio, Data Domain, DataCore Software, LaserVault Backup, NTP Software and Rackable Systems.
Asempra ships Microsoft recovery appliance
February 9, 2009 -- Asempra Technologies is packaging its  Business Continuity Server (BCS) recovery software for Microsoft environments in an all-in-one appliance for smaller customers.
200TB and 413,138 hairs
February 8, 2009 -- 200TB and 413,138 hairs
Sun launches midrange arrays
February 6, 2009 -- Sun Microsystems this week introduced the Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 disk arrays, which pack more performance and capacity into the same footprint as previous models.
Recent announcements from:
February 5, 2009 -- Barracuda Networks, EMC, Iron Mountain, Microsoft, QLogic, Rackable Systems, Riverbed Technology and RNA Networks.
NetApp discontinues StoreVault
February 4, 2009 -- NetApp is discontinuing the StoreVault S550 network storage appliance and putting its efforts into developing new FAS2020 products for medium-sized enterprise (MSE) customers.
Consider data de-duplication plus compression
February 4, 2009 -- Consider data de-duplication plus compression
Procedo ships any-to-any migration software
February 3, 2009 -- Data migration software vendor Procedo is set to ship the third generation of its Procedo Archive Migration Manager (PAMM) Suite with a set of enhancements designed to streamline the movement and management of archived data from one storage platform to another.
Lab Review: SAN clarity in a virtual cloud
February 2, 2009 -- For IT administrators, all of the popular HBAs, whether from Brocade, Emulex or QLogic, provide a GUI-based management application. The important issue then becomes the ease and quickness with which IT administrators manipulate those managed-object hierarchies when performing SAN maintenance and problem discovery tasks.
Lab Review: SAN clarity in a virtual cloud
February 2, 2009 -- For IT administrators, all of the popular HBAs, whether from Brocade, Emulex or QLogic, provide a GUI-based management application. The important issue then becomes the ease and quickness with which IT administrators manipulate those managed-object hierarchies when performing SAN maintenance and problem discovery tasks.
SAN clarity in a virtual cloud
February 2, 2009 -- As the number of virtual servers sharing the physical FC HBA ports of a VOE server increase, SAN fan-out is no longer just a switch issue: It becomes a server HBA issue that mandates holistic management of SAN infrastructure from switches to HBAs.
Save Money with Open Source Storage
February 2, 2009 -- Save Money with Open Source Storage Open source storage products can address a wide spectrum of business problems. There are good open source offerings for backup, mirroring, file system, NAS, and storage virtualization. Download this Internet.com eBook to see how your organization can save on storage with open source solutions.
Nexsan combines SAS, AutoMAID
February 1, 2009 -- Nexsan Technologies has once again combined its energy-saving AutoMAID (massive array of idle disks) technology with high-performance, SAS-based RAID storage to create the newly released SASBeast disk array.
VARs provide cost-effective replication
February 1, 2009 -- Achieving offsite data replication is a growing concern for many small and medium-size businesses (SMBs).
Understanding data de-duplication ratios
February 1, 2009 -- Data de-duplication has obvious benefits, but vendors? claims regarding data de-dupe ratios have led to confusion.
Seagate debuts 3.5-inch drives
February 1, 2009 -- Enterprise customers are slowly shifting from 3.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) to infrastructures based on the smaller, high performance 2.5-inch form factor, but Seagate predicts there will still be a need for 3.5-inch enterprise HDDs for the next several years.
February 1, 2009 -- Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer?s guide for professionals.
February 1, 2009 -- This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.
Microsoft partners with Iron Mountain
February 1, 2009 -- <p>Microsoft&rsquo;s recent release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 was, by itself, a relatively minor announcement that included bug fixes, increased support for Microsoft applications, and support for Hyper-V virtual server platforms. But couple the SP1 release with a new relationship with Iron Mountain for cloud storage services, and DPM takes on a completely new shape.</p>
Hyper-scalability for virtual machine I/O
February 1, 2009 -- <p>Using Virtual Service Clients and Virtual Service Providers, Microsoft&rsquo;s Hyper-V creates a low-overhead environment for virtual machines that can provide a high degree of scalability on a state-of-the-art SAN.</p>
Enterprise storage outlook: &quot;Asset optimization&quot; a bright spot
February 1, 2009 -- Throughout 2008, the enterprise storage market proved surprisingly resilient compared to the overall IT sector. But the outlook for 2009 is?well, sketchy.
Don?t be duped by de-dupe ratios
February 1, 2009 -- In these belt-tightening times, ?asset optimization? technologies, such as data compression, virtualization, thin provisioning, automated tiered storage and, perhaps most of all, data de-duplication, will be increasingly adopted by IT managers who need to ?do more with less.?
Analyst View: How to lower file-based storage costs
February 1, 2009 -- For a number of years, organizations have been experiencing exponential data growth and have been buying more and more storage to support it.
Who uses SSDs, and why?
February 1, 2009 -- Adoption of solid-state disk (SSD) drives depends on the market segment.