Industry News and Analysis

Seagate to Acquire Xyratex for $374M
December 27, 2013 -- Hard drive maker is snapping up a provider of enterprise storage systems and drive testing equipment used in manufacturing.
58 Top Open Source Storage Projects
December 26, 2013 -- These open source tools can help storage administrators or home users backup, compress, manage and secure their stored files.
Choosing a SATA Drive: Three Key Factors
December 20, 2013 -- A look at Western Digital’s SATA drive line-up provides examples of how to choose a SATA drive from any vendor.
Backup Appliance Market Reaches $700M in Q3
December 19, 2013 -- Symantec makes big gains as storage vendors experience a 6.7 percent year-over-year improvement in backup appliance sales last quarter.
Data Storage in 2014: Cloud, Virtual SANs, Big Data
December 18, 2013 -- Seven key trends will dramatically shape the data storage sector in the year ahead.
Dell and Dropbox Team for Enterprise Cloud Storage
December 17, 2013 -- In a bold play for the enterprise, Dropbox begins offering cloud storage and backup on Dell devices, systems and services offerings.
Avago Eyes Data Center Storage with $6.6B LSI Buy
December 16, 2013 -- LSI tech gives the semiconductor specialist from Singapore a shot at the enterprise storage market.
The Rise of Helium Drives in Data Storage
December 16, 2013 -- After many years of research, helium-filled enterprise class disk drives are entering the market.
Backblaze Disk Drive Comparison
December 12, 2013 -- A storage pundit disagrees with a recent blog post that compares data storage drives.
Storage Software Market Nears $3.5B in Q3
December 11, 2013 -- Backup and recovery software helped the storage industry increase software sales last quarter.
Dell Debuts Faster, Flash-Friendlier EqualLogic Storage Arrays
December 10, 2013 -- Dell takes aim at virtualized environments with its new PS6210 line of EqualLogic storage arrays.
HP Enlists 3PAR for its New Converged Storage Slate
December 9, 2013 -- HP is taking on the cloud and Big Data workloads with flash-optimized 3PAR storage systems along with new backup and archiving solutions.
Toshiba Acquires OCZ for $35M
December 5, 2013 -- It's (nearly) a done deal. The electronics giant snaps up the struggling SSD maker's assets.
Why Microsoft Is Banking Heavily on StorSimple for 2014
December 5, 2013 -- NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft can make inroads next year in cloud storage because StorSimple and its easy-to-use appliances are on a fast ramp upward.
The Many Variations of RAID Storage
December 4, 2013 -- A look at current RAID data storage technology, examining issues like RAID groups and the rebuild conundrum.
Toshiba Debuts Read Optimized, 19nm Enterprise SSDs
December 3, 2013 -- The flash storage provider debuts new solid-state drives for IT systems that need to fetch data faster for efficient access to "read intensive" workloads.
Toshiba Eyes Bankrupt Flash Storage Provider OCZ
December 2, 2013 -- Electronics giant and flash chip manufacturer Toshiba offers to buy up the assets of SSD maker during bankruptcy proceedings.
SSD Business: It's Getting Crazy Out There
December 2, 2013 -- The news in the storage business, and in SSD in particular, has been remarkably volatile as of late.