openBench Lab Review Series

StoneFly's iSCSI router links FC storage to LANs
November 27, 2007 -- Via StoneFusion OS, a specialized operating system built on the Linux kernel, StoneFly's Storage Concentrator integrates the power of an iSCSI router with extensive storage management services. As a result, the appliance extends the benefits of an existing Fibre Channel SAN to a much broader base of clients -- not the least of which are virtual machines (VMs) running VMware Virtual Infrastructure (VI).
Onaro SANscreen: Insight for managing storage as a service
November 9, 2007 -- When it is time to act on an emerging opportunity or react to a competitive threat, today's real-time enterprise depends on getting the right information, to the right people, in time to act and create value or mitigate risk. That goal has set off an explosion in the volume of data maintained on SANs.
LeftHand SANitizes DAS to enhance virtual infrastructure
November 2, 2007 -- To derive maximum benefit from system virtualization, storage virtualization is a necessary prerequisite. The mobility of a virtual machine (VM) and its data plays an important role in daily operational tasks from load balancing to system testing.