openBench Lab Review Series

8Gbps FC SAN bolsters VOE
October 31, 2008 -- Most IT managers consider virtual operating environments (VOEs), such as the VMware ESX infrastructure, to be the magic bullet for lowering the cost of IT operations. To realize that opportunity, however, IT must be ready to handle scalability on two dimensions: virtual machines (VMs) must scale to support I/O- or compute-intensive applications, and VOE servers must scale to support a growing load of VMs.
StorMagic enables one-button iSCSI management
October 2, 2008 -- With attributes such as lower infrastructure acquisition costs and the ability to run on existing IP networks, iSCSI storage solutions are particularly attractive to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, when faced with the constantly expanding need for storage capacity, IT decision-makers have shown surprising coolness toward adoption of iSCSI.