San Featured Articles

Oracle Ships 'Columnar Compression' for its Storage Systems
October 1, 2011 -- Customers who want columnar compression of data, but don't want to use Exadata, the restraints are gone.
QLogic Expands 'Adaptive Convergence' with New Switch, Routers
September 30, 2011 -- Under its so-called Adaptive Convergence initiative, the company aims to make it simpler and less expensive for customers to migrate storage and networking in the data center.
D-Link Debuts 'Secondary Server' Arrays
September 21, 2011 -- D-Link introduces the DSN-4000 Series xStack Storage iSCSI SAN Arrays for secondary server applications such as disaster recovery, backup, surveillance, and archiving.
Kaminario Releases New 'Hybrid' SSD Appliances
September 14, 2011 -- SAN maker Kaminario comes out with new storage appliances that can use different types of solid-state drives.