Data De Duplication Featured Articles

Data Domain debuts new dedupe system
July 20, 2009 -- Data Domain continues to roll out new products in the wake of a bidding war and the impending acquisition of the company by EMC.
NetApp bows out, EMC to acquire Data Domain
July 9, 2009 -- NetApp has terminated its merger agreement with data deduplication appliance vendor Data Domain after declining to raise its offer in the wake of a blockbuster $2.1 billion bid by EMC.
Symantec to expand deduplication
July 7, 2009 -- Symantec today officially revealed its plans to build native data deduplication into its NetBackup and Backup Exec software by early 2010, as the company attempts to wrest mindshare from appliance-based deduplication vendors by bringing the technology closer to information sources.
The role of deduplication in disaster recovery
July 2, 2009 -- The combination of replication and data deduplication in DR operations can save costs and bandwidth.