Data De Duplication Featured Articles

Dell sheds light on dedupe strategy, adds appliances
June 8, 2009 -- In an effort to clarify its stance on data deduplication, Dell is answering questions about its dedupe partnerships with EMC and Quantum, shipping a new disk-based backup appliance based on CommVault's Simpana 8.0 software, and offering details on an upcoming Dell/EMC system based on Quantum's deduplication architecture.
NEC makes deduplication application-aware
June 3, 2009 -- NEC this week announced the availability of application-aware deduplication, a new feature of its HYDRAstor grid storage platform that squeezes inefficiencies out of the data stream and boosts data reduction ratios.
EMC ups the ante with $1.8 billion bid for Data Domain
June 2, 2009 -- EMC has thrown a wrench into NetApp's plans to acquire disk-based backup and data deduplication vendor Data Domain by upping the price to $1.8 billion in an attempt to outbid NetApp.