Storage Management Featured Articles

Q&A: The storage implications of Exchange 2010
<strong>August 3, 2009</strong> -- In this interview, Astrid McClean, senior Exchange technical product manager with Microsoft's Exchange Server team, explains the ins-and-outs of Exchange 2010 storage, addresses rumors of a move to SQL Server as the Exchange database of choice, and a range of new performance improvements and storage options found in Exchange 2010.
I/O virtualization is a sweet spot for 10GbE
<strong>July 22, 2009</strong> -- The benefits of virtualization are obvious, but when administrators start to increase the density of application/guest OS combinations or virtual machines (VMs) in order to maximize utilization, suddenly the proposition becomes much more complex.
Quantum ships VMware backup software with DXi
In an effort to stake its claim to a piece of the backup software market, Quantum is now shipping the esXpress software module, a new product for backing up and restoring VMware ESX virtual servers on the DXi-Series of disk backup and replication systems.
Data Domain debuts new dedupe system
Data Domain continues to roll out new products in the wake of a bidding war and the impending acquisition of the company by EMC.
Thales strengthens security appliances
Thales (pronounced 'talus') today introduced a new line of hardware security modules (HSMs) under the nShield Connect 6000 moniker. The devices succeed the company's netHSM line of appliances, which are still available.
IBM upgrades enterprise storage systems
Big Blue is beefing up the features and functions of its high-end storage platforms - the IBM XIV Storage System and the System Storage DS8000 - with new capabilities for moving data over distances, faster processors and thin provisioning.
EMC revamps management software with Ionix
EMC is bringing all of its IT management software together under a new brand called Ionix as the company attempts to streamline the process of moving from physical to virtualized data centers and, eventually, to the cloud.
NetApp bows out, EMC to acquire Data Domain
NetApp has terminated its merger agreement with data deduplication appliance vendor Data Domain after declining to raise its offer in the wake of a blockbuster $2.1 billion bid by EMC.
Symantec to expand deduplication
Symantec today officially revealed its plans to build native data deduplication into its NetBackup and Backup Exec software by early 2010, as the company attempts to wrest mindshare from appliance-based deduplication vendors by bringing the technology closer to information sources.
The role of deduplication in disaster recovery
The combination of replication and data deduplication in DR operations can save costs and bandwidth.