Storage Management Featured Articles

Oracle Ships 'Columnar Compression' for its Storage Systems
Customers who want columnar compression of data, but don't want to use Exadata, the restraints are gone.
QLogic Expands 'Adaptive Convergence' with New Switch, Routers
Under its so-called Adaptive Convergence initiative, the company aims to make it simpler and less expensive for customers to migrate storage and networking in the data center.
Teradata to Add Columnar Processing
Teradata adds hybrid 'columnar' storage and retrieval to its database flagship.
BridgeSTOR Ships Dedupe on a Card
BridgeSTOR announces a data deduplication card for Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010.
Iomega Shows Low-cost Video Surveillance Systems
The EMC subsidiary aims at SMBs and distributed enterprises with affordable video surveillance.
Permabit Strives for 'Dedupe Everywhere'
The company's latest dedupe software targets removing duplication throughout the data lifecycle to simplify life for data administrators.
CA Updates ARCserve to r16
The latest release of the company's data protection suite adds new components and support for a hybrid storage model.
Storage Software Sales Continue to Soar
Mirroring other portions of the IT infrastructure space, software for storage continued to grow in double digits in the second quarter of 2011, according to IDC.
Gluster Founder Details Data Management Strategy
Video interview: In the era of cloud computing and big data, the use of the open source GlusterFS filesystem is growing thanks to systems scalable architecture. But how is the company behind Gluster set to grow?