Storage Management Featured Articles

Nasuni Adds Multi-site Access to its Data Continuity Service
October 31, 2011 -- Nasuni comes up with a way for multiple users to work on the same data file from different locations without worrying about data integrity problems.
HDS Launches New Cloud Services and Solutions
October 27, 2011 -- Hitachi Data Systems lays out a roadmap of where it's going with helping customers turn data into 'actionable information' via tiered cloud infrastructure -- gives updates on BlueArc and ParaScale acquisitions.
Facing CSI Data Storage Overload?
October 25, 2011 -- The challenge for law enforcement today isn’t obtaining evidence, but how to manage, store, and secure it.
ESG Lab Review: Permabit Albireo SDK
October 22, 2011 -- This ESG Lab Validation report documents the results of hands-on testing of the Permabit Albireo SDK with a focus on ease of integration into existing solutions, capacity savings that can be achieved with real-world data, resource usage and fault tolerance
Plug-in Aims to Speed Virtual Desktop Deployment
October 21, 2011 -- As desktop virtualization grows increasingly popular for centralizing support and lowering costs, Nexenta works on a plug-in meant to work with VMware View 5.
Contegix Launches Multi-tiered Cloud Offerings
October 18, 2011 -- The cloud hosting provider claims to be the first to offer multiple mix and match tiers for customers to choose from.
HP to Ship SQL Server-Based Consolidation Appliance
October 15, 2011 -- On Day 2 of the PASS Summit, Microsoft announced the November availability of the HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance optimized for SQL Server.
DataDirect Claims WOS 2.0 Handles Billions of Reads/Writes
October 14, 2011 -- DataDirect Networks rolled out a major update to what it says is the world's highest scalability storage appliance, which it claims is capable of storing and retrieving billion of objects per day.
Nirvanix Deal to Expand SmartCloud Storage
October 12, 2011 -- A new agreement with Nirvanix will enable IBM's cloud storage services to have access to massive amounts of data in the cloud.
Need More Data Dedupe Capacity? Just Turn It On
October 7, 2011 -- New deduplication appliance lets you turn on more disk space when you need it.
Red Hat Buys Gluster for $136 Million
October 4, 2011 -- Red Hat enters distributed storage space with acquisition of big data open source filesystem vendor.
Fusion-io Shows Next Generation ioMemory Products
October 4, 2011 -- The new ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo feature faster speeds, higher capacities, and self-healing capabilities.