Storage Management Featured Articles

HP's Autonomy Debuts End-to-End eDiscovery Solution, Appliance
Autonomy, acquired by HP in October, brings together its Stratify, Introspect and Investigator & ECA products into a single eDiscovery solution that can be delivered via cloud, on-premise, hybrid and appliance installations.
Recommind Simplifies eDiscovery With End-to-End Management
Recommind, maker of the Axcelerate eDiscovery Suite, wants to simplify the complexity of the eDiscovery process with a fully integrated platform that manages it from end to end, whether on-premise, in the cloud or both.
Red Hat Taking Gluster from Open Core to Open Source
New efforts from Red Hat aim to encourage more community and contributions.
Cleversafe Unveils 10 Exabyte Storage System for Big Data
Building on its object-based dispersed storage technology, Cleversafe announces the availability of a 10 Exabyte storage system.
EMC Boasts Record-Breaking Fourth Quarter, Full Year 2011
The company beat out analysts' estimates to achieve earnings per share of $0.49 for the fourth quarter and $1.51 for the full year.
Symantec Adds Transparent Predictive Coding to eDiscovery Platform
Symantec aims to reduce the time and cost of eDiscovery document review by the addition of Transparent Predictive Coding to its Clearwell eDiscovery Platform.
RainStor Debuts Native Hadoop Database for Big Data Analytics
With the ability to use both MapReduce and rapid-response SQL query, RainStor said its database will help customers get more out of their Hadoop environments while achieving better compression than even columnar databases.
Microsoft Brings Resilient File System to Windows 8 Server
The new ReFS file system, designed for resiliency and optimized for extreme scale, will be introduced as a storage system for Windows 8 Server, but will later be implemented as storage for clients and eventually as a boot volume.
Likewise Pitches Smarter Data Management
Seattle-area firm is courting OEMs and enterprises as it looks to corral unstructured data and manage storage over disparate network environments.
Fusion-io Blasts Through 1 Billion IOPS Barrier
In a demonstration of its Auto Commit Memory extension, Fusion-io achieved 1 billion input and output operations per second (IOPS) on eight HP servers using eight ioDrive 2 Duos.
Seagate Revises 2Q Guidance Upward but HDDs Still in Short Supply
Reporting preliminary fiscal second quarter 2012 financial results, Seagate Technology said revenues for the quarter were better than expected, but it believes hard disk drives will continue to be in short supply through 2012.
9 Top eDiscovery Trends for 2012
So much is changing so fast in the eDiscovery industry. Here are 9 key trends to watch in the new year.