Storage Management Featured Articles

Server-Based Storage Acceleration: Entering the Performance Race With a Server-Based Approach
With the release of VFCache, EMC is the latest, and to-date largest, vendor to enter the growing storage  acceleration performance race. Taneja Group looks at the on-going battle for more storage performance, where this new generation of technology fits, and  what enterprises should have in mind when considering server-based storage accelerators.
7 Startups That Might Have the Solution to Your Storage Virtualization Problems
Virtualization and cloud computing are having a tremendous impact enterprises' storage needs. It should be no surprise, therefore, that mitigating the many pain points in this process is the primary mission of some of the hottest storage startups.
Today's Data Protection Business Dilemma and Challenges
The ongoing data deluge frequently referred to as Big Data is driving organizations to purchase more storage hardware and related products to protect and manage the exponentially growing volumes of data copies across one or many physical locations. vDPAS is one alternative to this untenable situation.
Stealthy Starboard Storage Unveils Unified Storage Array
A startup helmed by storage industry veterans unveils new hardware that aims to simplify storage management for SMEs.
5 Dedupe Products Worth a Second Look
Dedupe tools remain hot -- even as the technology moves toward ubiquity. Here are five offerings that stand apart from the crowd.
Which Storage Conferences Are Worth Attending?
Looking for a trade show that's less about marketing and sales than it is about technology and technicalities? Here are two conferences to consider.