Storage Management Featured Articles

GreenBytes Raises $12M for Fast, Green SSD Storage
The storage startup's green storage tech has caught the attention -- and funding -- of Al Gore's venture capital firm.
Big Data, Virtual Storage, Scale-Out NAS and More -- Top Takeways From EMC World
This  week's EMC World painted the company's ongoing evolution beyond its storage hardware roots. From Big Data to virtual storage to scale-out NAS and more, here are our 10 key takeaways from the show.
Greenplum Seeks to Inspire Big Data Innovation
Among the products unveiled at EMC World was the Greenplum Analytics Workbench, EMC's latest Big Data testbed. The 1,000-node cluster will function as a lab for Big Data development, while EMC use it to test the limits of its own scale-out infrastructure technology and develop new approaches to Big Data analytics.
Unified Storage Strategies Help Keep Storage Costs Down
Once the purview of only the largest of companies buying high-end products, unified storage is rapidly trickling down to customers looking at entry-level and midrange solutions. Learn the driving forces behind unified storage, its emerging capabilities and what those capabilities can do for your organization, and how it can keep your storage costs down.
Open Source Ceph Storage Filesystem Goes Commercial
Inktank will provide support for Ceph, but will they be open source or open core?
Storage Metrics and Measurements That Matter: Getting Started
Vendors love benchmarks, but do they make a difference for the enterprises purchasing their products? Our newest feature, "Metrics and Measurements That Matter," will examine various benchmark, workload and other claims with a focus on those that involve storage and I/O.