Storage Management Featured Articles

Red Hat Storage 2.0 Hits General Availability
June 28, 2012 -- After months in beta, Red Hat makes its first official storage release.
NetApp Updates OnTap in Agile Infrastructure Push
June 20, 2012 -- As storage follows virtualization's lead in the data center, NetApp's Data OnTap software platform gains enhanced workload migration features and remote office reach.
Nexenta Aims to Unseat Legacy Vendors With Open Storage Software
June 13, 2012 -- Powered by OpenSolaris and ZFS, firm's NexentaStor software promises significant cost savings by eliminating proprietary hardware.
HP Accelerates Storage Convergence
June 4, 2012 -- New performance and deduplication features comes to HP StoreOnce Backup portfolio
Open Source Gluster 3.3 Melds Object and File Storage
June 1, 2012 -- Red Hat led open source filesystem effort takes a leap forward with Big Data, self-healing and unified storage features. Open Source Gluster 3.3 Melds Object  and File Storage