Storage Management Featured Articles

Software Defined Storage Firm Nexenta Raises $24M
February 28, 2013 -- Nexenta attracts millions in VC funding as it gears up to take on the enterprise IT establishment with its open storage technology.
Jeda Debuts Software Defined Storage Networking Tech
February 19, 2013 -- Startup debuts its Software Defined Storage Networks software, which the company bills as the final piece of the software-defined data center.
NetApp Acquires ionGrid for Mobile File and Content Access
February 14, 2013 -- As iPads conquer the enterprise, the storage vendor snaps up a remote file and content access specialist to keep users close to their data and business applications.
Intel to Launch SSD Cache Acceleration Software for Linux
February 13, 2013 -- Previously Windows-only, Intel is expanding the appeal of CAS by making the SSD acceleration software available to Linux servers.
VMware Snaps Up Virsto for Software Defined Storage
February 12, 2013 -- VMware's vision of the software defined data center comes into sharper focus as it acquires Virsto, a virtual storage specialist.
Why Use a Cloud Storage Gateway?
February 11, 2013 -- Cloud storage gateways are gaining popularity because they simplify interaction with cloud storage services, while boosting performance.