Storage Management Featured Articles

Accelerate the Edge: The New Distributed Enterprise
In many ways “field” deployed servers and storage act as anchors, holding back business efficiency. But virtualization and convergence strategies can help with this bottleneck.
Flash Data Storage: Myth vs. Reality
Forget the hype: here’s the truth about some common NAND flash SSD myths, from a technical perspective.
DataDirect Networks Targets Big Data in WOS 3.0 Debut
DDN unveils its cloud-friendly storage software and hardware platform, which can now manage up to 32 trillion objects.
LinuxCon: OpenZFS moves Open Source Storage Forward
A storage filesystem that got its start in Open Solaris gets new life across FreeBSD, Linux and Mac OS X.
NetApp to Harmonize Hybrid Cloud Storage Management
Plans call for the data storage systems and software provider to bring hybrid cloud setups under a common data and storage management platform.
The Nand Flash Cache SSD Cash Dance
Is using flash storage more or less expensive than traditional spinning disks?
Global External Storage Disk Revenues Leveling Off: IDC
Capacity acquired was not affected by the revenue downturn. Data continues to be created at a breakneck pace, and it needs somewhere to reside.
EMC's Light to Speed: Flash, VNX, and Software-Defined
EMC used its industry gathering to promote flash storage and its VNX upgrade, among other developments.
Why Flash Storage Is Reaching the Tipping Point Against HDDs
NEWS ANALYSIS: NAND flash drives are proving themselves to be both performance- and endurance-worthy in production situations--making them a better buy over time than mechanical hard drives.