Virtualization Featured Articles

SolarWinds acquires Tek-Tools for SRM
January 28, 2010 -- Network and applications management software maker SolarWinds has acquired storage resource management (SRM) vendor Tek-Tools in a bid to move into the enterprise storage management market.
NetApp, Cisco, VMware collaborate on the cloud
January 26, 2010 -- NetApp, Cisco and VMware today extended their existing partnerships via an integration deal focused on the "dynamic data center" that involves virtualization and cloud computing.
The best storage investments for 2010
January 15, 2010 -- January 15, 2009 -- Technologies that reduce costs and risks should have the highest priority over the next few years.
How to control the storage impact of virtual servers
January 4, 2010 -- This article compares six techniques for VM storage management and examines which approach - or combination of approaches - works best for various data management challenges.