Virtualization Featured Articles

Dell Debuts Flashy Fluid Cache for SAN
April 16, 2014 -- The server maker targets enterprise cloud and VDI environments with a new data-prioritizing product based on the company's PCI Express Flash SSDs.
VMware Leverages VSAN for Horizon 6 VDI Suite
April 10, 2014 -- The company aims to shatter the divisions between desktop, mobile and the cloud for enterprise application users, with a little help from its server-side storage tech.
Actifio Raises $100M, Valued at $1B
March 24, 2014 -- Company announces a new round of VC financing as it prepares to take on legacy storage and expand into the mid-market.
VMware's Virtual SAN Finally Ships
March 12, 2014 -- Company jumps into the server-side storage fray by announcing the general availability of its Virtual SAN product.
Software Defined Storage: So Many Definitions
February 24, 2014 -- Software defined storage is a red hot buzzword, even as its definition remains decidedly unclear.
Tintri Grabs $75M for Application-Aware Storage
February 13, 2014 -- On its path toward an IPO, the hybrid storage systems maker plans on taking its VM-centric tech to more markets.
Data Storage Technologies to Watch in 2014
January 21, 2014 -- Software defined is a leader, as is hybrid IT and solutions that enhance mobile access to storage.
Synology Debuts New RackStation NAS
January 15, 2014 -- New rackmount units shrink the company's desktop DiskStation hardware down to size.
Nutanix Banks $101M for SAN-less Data Centers
January 14, 2014 -- Hyperconvergence company completes a big round of financing thanks to tech that helps data center operators skip the SAN.
Software Defined Storage: 10 Things You Need to Know
January 10, 2014 -- As data centers adopt software defined storage, the questions about this emerging technology seem to multiply.
How Data Backup is Changing and Why It Matters
January 8, 2014 -- A survey of today’s data backup and recovery solutions reveals a landscape that has grown increasingly complex in an effort to keep up with ever larger backup needs.
NovaStor Goes Granular with NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.2
January 3, 2014 -- The latest version of the company's backup software enables IT pros to pluck specific files from VMware backups.
58 Top Open Source Storage Projects
December 26, 2013 -- These open source tools can help storage administrators or home users backup, compress, manage and secure their stored files.
Dell Debuts Faster, Flash-Friendlier EqualLogic Storage Arrays
December 10, 2013 -- Dell takes aim at virtualized environments with its new PS6210 line of EqualLogic storage arrays.
Storage Startups to Watch in 2014
November 15, 2013 -- Driven by complexity and high costs, the data storage market is fertile ground for new companies offering cheaper, simpler alternatives.
Maxta Exits Stealth with MxSP Storage Software
November 12, 2013 -- Software startup announces a server-side shared storage platform that is optimized for virtualized environments.
Emerging Trends in Software Defined Storage
October 23, 2013 -- To listen to its advocates, software defined storage easily solves many difficult storage problems. In reality, it's not that easy.
EMC Misses Wall Street Estimates for Q3 2013
October 22, 2013 -- EMC blames Uncle Sam the tightwad, in part, for an underwhelming third quarter as analysts hint at cloudier days ahead.
Fusion-io Tech Gets VMware's Stamp of Approval
October 17, 2013 -- Flash storage innovator's ION Data Accelerator and ioControl Hybrid Storage are deemed VMware Ready.
PernixData Promotes Flash Hypervisor Technology
October 14, 2013 -- In a bid to popularize flash-based server-side storage, PernixData is offering storage pros free access to its virtualization-friendly software.
Data Backup Virtualization Software: Four Solutions
October 14, 2013 -- Virtualization technology is greatly affecting the data backup sector. Here's an overview of four products in this rapidly changing market.
The Impact of Virtualization on Storage
October 10, 2013 -- Doubling processing power enables a storage environment to run twice as many VMs as before.
Fusion-io Updates ioTurbine Virtualization Caching Software
August 28, 2012 -- New features boost application performance on Linux guest OSes and open the door to Windows workloads.
NetApp Updates OnTap in Agile Infrastructure Push
June 20, 2012 -- As storage follows virtualization's lead in the data center, NetApp's Data OnTap software platform gains enhanced workload migration features and remote office reach.
7 Startups That Might Have the Solution to Your Storage Virtualization Problems
February 24, 2012 -- Virtualization and cloud computing are having a tremendous impact enterprises' storage needs. It should be no surprise, therefore, that mitigating the many pain points in this process is the primary mission of some of the hottest storage startups.