EMC shells out $2.25 billion for Isilon

Posted on November 15, 2010


November 15, 2010 – Ending weeks of speculation, EMC today announced that it plans to acquire scale-out NAS specialist Isilon for $2.25 billion, or $33.85 per share.

According to an article on the acquisition posted on InfoStor partner site Enterprise Storage Forum:

“Isilon’s OneFS operating system combines a file system, volume manager and RAID into one unified software layer, creating a single intelligent file system that spans all nodes within a cluster. OneFS enables independent or linear scalability of performance and capacity to over 45GBps of throughput and more than 10.4PB of capacity in a single file system. OneFS also delivers “cluster-aware” symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) capabilities that enable the system to move tasks between processors for workload balancing.

Using OneFS, each node in an Isilon clustered storage system is a peer, so any node can handle a request. Using InfiniBand for intra-cluster communication and synchronization, OneFS provides each node with knowledge of the entire file system layout and where each file and part thereof is located. OneFS controls the placement of files directly on individual disks and dramatically improves the performance of the disk sub-system by optimally distributing files across the cluster. By laying data on disks in a file-by-file manner, OneFS is able to control the redundancy level of the storage system at the volume, directory, and even file levels.”

IDC predicts that the market for scale-out NAS will grow on average 36% per year, reaching $6 billion by 2014.

Read the full article on the EMC-Isilon acquisition on Enterprise Storage Forum: “EMC Snaps Up Isilon for $2.25 Billion”

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