openBench Labs Review: Software optimizes physical/virtual environments

Posted on November 12, 2010


No matter how well storage resources are managed as isolated assets, only a limited value can be derived from the devices. Resource properties are not sufficient to address the challenge of delivering IT support as a business service, which requires clear links connecting storage to both servers and applications in order to understand business value. The problem gets worse in a Virtual Operating Environment, where multiple levels of logical indirection can often seem chaotic to an administrator without the right tools.

With corporate executives expecting IT to go beyond device performance metrics and address higher level process concerns, such as availability and business continuity, uptime software provides IT with a comprehensive server monitoring and service management package that allows IT to monitor, maintain, and optimize a comprehensive set of resources from storage arrays to applications. What’s more, unlike IT software packages that tout the ability to support externally generated SLAs, up.time enables IT managers to directly define an SLA and generate the reports required to verify compliance directly within its GUI.

openBench Labs tested up.time software in an environment with a Xiotech Emprise 5000 disk array, QLogic HBAs and switches, MS Exchange, a VMware vSphere infrastructure, and much more.

Read the results: "Add Service Management to Server Monitoring to Optimize Physical and Virtual Environments."

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