Whamcloud readies new Lustre distribution

Posted on January 16, 2011


By Sean Michael Kerner

Lustre is an open-source parallel file system often used in high performance computing (HPC)environments.  Users of the file system will soon get community Lustre distribution, thanks to startup Whamcloud.

The startup includes veterans from Oracle and Sun, where the Lustre project originated.  The reason why Whamcloud is building a Lustre distribution isn't about creating a fork from Oracle but, rather, to support and expand the Lustre community, according to company officials.

"Since April of 2010 there has been confusion in the community, and we've seen an impact on confidence in Lustre," says Brent Gorda, Whamcloud’s CEO and president.  "The community has been asking for leadership, the commitment of a for-profit entity that they can rely on for support, and a path forward for the technology."

Gorda stresses that his company is building a community Lustre distribution, not a 'Whamcloud Lustre distribution.'

Regarding Whamcloud's relationship with Oracle, Gorda says that his company has signed the Lustre code contribution agreement and cooperates regularly with Oracle engineers on technical issues. "We value the relationship with Oracle. We do not think this move in of itself will or should change our relationship," he says.

The community distribution of Lustre will be built using the upcoming Lustre 2.1 release, and is expected this summer.

Read the full story -- “Whamcloud Building New Lustre Distro” -- on InfoStor partner site Enterprise Storage Forum.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, a network for technology professionals.

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