The future of storage management (it's not good)

Posted on November 12, 2010


November 12, 2010 – “Most people I speak with at network operations centers (NOCs) rate today’s network management tools as very good or excellent. However, the same cannot be said for storage management tools. This is not entirely the fault of the vendors, given the complexity of storage management compared to networking. So why is storage management and monitoring so difficult compared to network management and monitoring? What do the next few years hold for storage management? In my opinion, we are moving from storage management hell to storage management purgatory,” writes popular columnist Henry Newman on InfoStor partner site Enterprise Storage Forum.

More excerpts:

“Today, storage management tools have less functionality . . . and are far most costly than equivalent network management tools. Configuring and managing storage is far more complex than network management and configuration, given the number of different storage devices and their lack of well-defined management interfaces. This situation will change a bit over the next few years, but dramatic changes are not in the cards.”

 “I do not think that we will ever get to the same level of management with storage as we have with networking, even if we are using the same NICs, switches and routers.”

“Trying to add management frameworks into file systems and/or storage devices today would be – as the old saying goes – closing the barn door after the cows have left. Management of storage devices will continue to be the purview of the vendors. We have no choice. [However,] management of the underlying networks will become more integrated as Ethernet becomes the hardware transport of choice for storage,” Newman concludes.

Read the full article on Enterprise Storage Forum: “The Slow Climb Out of Storage Management Hell”

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