Cloudian Unveils Cloud 'Storage-as-a-Utility' Platform

By Pedro Hernandez

Cloudian, a Foster City, Calif.-based software firm, today launched a new version of the company's cloud storage platform. The company claims that Cloudian 2.4 finally brings the "storage-as-a-utility" concept to reality for enterprises that are seeking to float their own private or public clouds using commodity server hardware.

With this release, Cloudian offers near total compatibility with Amazon's S3 API to enable bucket lifecycle and web content management. New API calls include Delete Bucket Lifecycle, Delete Bucket Website, Put Bucket Lifecycle and Put Bucket Website, among others.

Aimed at multi-data center environments, Cloudian's new Dynamic Consistency Levels functionality allows cloud admins to define and maintain read and write consistency levels. Should a network or site failures occur, the software automatically falls back to predefined levels to minimize the effect on applications and the user experience.

On the data security front, Cloudian 2.4 offers encryption for data at rest. The platform handles key management for users and applications and allows administrators to define and impose encryption policies on storage buckets.

New expiration policy support allows for more data lifecycle management options. Objects can be set to expire -- deleted essentially -- on absolute dates or on a relative basis. For example, an object can be set to expire on a specific date (month, day, year) or a period after having been created in Cloudian.

Static website hosting also comes to this Cloudian release. Finally, the Cloudian Management Console has been updated with user interface enhancements that promote easier self-service provisioning, user management and reporting and billing tasks in multi-tenant and multi-data center environments.

The enhancements allow organizations to bridge the worlds of cloud computing and Big Data storage, asserts Jay Desai, Cloudian's vice president of Product Management.

"Cloudian empowers organizations to finally meet their big data storage needs via a scalable, affordable, easy-to-manage solution. Now, with our newest version of Cloudian, we have made their lives even easier by adding many unique data management features," stated Desai in press remarks.

Cloudian 2.4 paves the way for enterprises to finally get serious about cloud storage, argues 451 Research manager Agatha Poon. "Although service providers and enterprises are intrigued by the idea of moving data to the cloud for scalability and agility, concerns over data management and protection remain front and center," she said in a company statement.

"The ability to deliver high levels of security, systems continuity, and usability is as important as making intuitive management tools accessible to customers. Providing these features will give companies such as Cloudian a competitive edge," concluded Poon.

Cloudian 2.4 is available now. Prices start at $6,000 for the Silver Support tier and 10 TB of usable storage. A free Community Edition, with support up to 100 TB of storage is also available for download starting today.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

This article was originally published on April 02, 2013