Meet The Team

To be one of the best digital tech platforms, Infostor’s team of  Tech lovers produces clear and easy-to-understand tutorials and well-researched and well-articulated articles for our readers.

Sourav Chakraborty – Technology & Social Media News Writer

Sourav ChakrabortySourav Chakraborty is a seasoned content editor and copywriter who religiously follows ideas, trends, and transformations of the Tech industry. Connect with him about B2B SaaS, Digital Marketing, and chess on LinkedIn.”



Varun Mohil – Writer and Editor

Varun Mohil

A Mass Comm graduate and a post-grad English literature student, Varun has been following the tech and digital domain for the past few years. He possesses an eclectic mix of fin-tech knowledge that enables him to break down convoluted subjects and unambiguously present them. When not writing, Varun explores the emerging trends and changes in blockchain technology, NFTs, and other tech domains. He constantly tries to expand his current knowledge and skills to implement them in his work and convey concise and meaningful articles.

Subhankar Mukherjee – Writer and Editor

Subhankar Mukherjee

Subhankar is a Fintech writer who likes to explain Blockchain Technology to a wide range of audiences. Holding a Masters’s degree in Mass Communication, he has a deep inclination toward Digital Currency and how it’s reshaping the world of Finance. Apart from talking about Art, Subhankar likes to learn and share his knowledge on Digital Asset Management and the Transformation of Blockchain Technology through insightful articles.


Ankitha – Senior Writer And Editor

Ankitha SachinAnkitha is a Tech writer and senior editor with Infostor. She holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She writes about apps, gaming, technology, content, and social media marketing.



Kajal Shinde – News Editor & Writer

Kajal Shinde

Kajal is an Indian senior technology news reporter. She obtained a master’s in media and journalism with a minor in creative writing from the University of St. Leo, and her writings have appeared in more than 70 news outlets. She has covered the latest tech news, decentralized finance, DAOs, and venture capital investment for startups.


Krishna Saraogi

Krishna SaraogiKrishna Saraogi is a finance graduate from St. Xaviers’ College, Kolkata. With a keen interest in finance, he has set the stepping stone in the crypto industry. With prior trading and research knowledge from the stock market, the do’s and don’ts of the crypto world is a journey to explore with him. Let’s discover the future through his eyes!



Archana Shivkumar – Fintech Writer

Archana ShivkumarArchana Shivkumar is a technology, social media, blockchain, and fintech content writer with a Master’s in Economics and 5+ years of corporate experience in finance & accounting. She possesses in-depth knowledge of Gaming, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies and is abreast of the latest business and fintech developments. With her ability to quickly comprehend and condense complex information into layman’s language, she can write in diverse fields simply and engagingly.


Shubham Sharma Technology News Writer 

Shubham Sharma

Shubham is a technology journalist based in India. He has a master’s in journalism and mass communication from Amity University and has written for esteemed publications such as VentureBeat, Livemint, Techcircle, VCCircle, and International Business Times.


Mike Diver – News Editor – USA Regions

Mike Diver is the chief editor at Infostor, covering NFTs, Gaming, Apps, and Technology topics. He is a Computer Engineer with a bachelor’s degree. Mike is an avid follower of gaming, marketing, and cloud technological businesses. Knowing the products’ technical aspects helps him analyze various gaming, blockchain, and tech brands and their products.