American multinational semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Ryzen 9 7900X, is reported 60% faster than its rivals.

Technical Features Of Ryzen 9 7900X

AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Technical Features, Benchmark Talks & Price

Ryzen 9 7900X is equipped with 12 cores and 24 threads. Across a single core, the CPU has a higher base clock of 4.8 GHz and a boost clock adjusted at 5.6 GHz. In total, there is an 800 MHz jump in boost frequency.

It also retains the 170W TDP and has a 76 MB of cache. The test setup comprised a Gigabyte X670E AORUS Master motherboard with 32 GB of DDR5 memory.

Major Features Of Intel’s Core i9-13900K

Rhyzen’s competitor in the segment Core i9-13900K has improved its speed over its predecessor, the Core i9-12900K. It scores a 5.8 GHz peak boost on cores 1 and 2, whereas the remaining cores 3-8 have clocked a peak turbo boost of 5.5 GHz.

It also comes with an optimized ring bus to decrease inter-core access delays.

Performance Of Ryzen 9 7900X

According to the leak by Geekbench 5, its performance is touted to have the capacity to surpass Intel’s Core i7-12700K. Compared to 5900X, the Ryzen 9 delivers 30% more processing speed.

The Zen 4 CPU is up to 45% faster in multi-threaded and 35% faster in single-threaded results.

From a generational standpoint, AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs mark a 60% increase in performance compared to Intel’s Alder Lake-S flagship.

AMD Testing Lab V-Ray Analysis Of Ryzen 9 7900X

AMD Testing Lab V-Ray Analysis Of Ryzen 9 7900X

AMD Testing Lab used the rendering software V-Ray and found some interesting figures.

The results showed the Ryzen 9 7950X to have surpassed the Core i9-12900K 62% margin. It proves that a chip with fewer cores integrated with powerful capabilities in a comparative per-core analysis will beat a chip with more cores.

The Zen 4 architecture contributes to 13% of IPC gains. Also, the addition of AVX-512 is responsible for the increase in speed.

However, it should be noted that the Intel Core i7-13700K and the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X are similar in multi-threading capabilities. But in single-threaded tasks, Zen 4 leads the race.

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The Credibility Of The Benchmark Source

The comparative analysis by the cross-platform benchmark Geekbench 5 should be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, it does provide a third-party perspective on the performance of AMD’s Ryzen 9 7900X processor outside the official documentation.

Overall performance could be counted as more than average. But in niche scenarios, the Zen 4’s new architecture will enable Ryzen 9 to outperform other chipsets in the same segment.

Ryzen 9 7900X Price

Ryzen 9 7900X could be priced at USD 549 in retail markets. It’s higher than the $409 price tag of Core i7-12700K. So in the pricing department, Intel ranks higher than AMD.

However, customers must note that AMD’s performance is higher in power efficiency and longevity benchmarks.

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