Best Free Workout & Fitness Apps For iPhone Users In 2022

Best Free Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone Users

Is your goal to lose weight, get in shape, and boost your strength? Are you searching for the best free workout apps for your iPhone? Browse our article to learn about the top fitness apps for healthy living.

Workout apps are mobile platforms providing customized fitness and diet solutions based on your lifestyle, food intake, medical history, and health goals. They offer a wide range of exercise options like Cardio, Crossfit, Aerobics, Pilates, etc., to control body fats and build flexibility, stability, and endurance.

Moreover, these fitness trackers provide sports training and expert guidance for developing core strength. Besides, they have pre-programmed algorithms to monitor vital body stats like blood pressure, BMI, pulse rate, calorie count, activity levels, etc.

What more? You need not drive to the gym or buy costly equipment. Fitness apps teach you simple no-equipment at-home workouts and on-the-go exercises.

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Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone For Gaining Fitness

Workout apps can be accessed 24/7 and help you train anywhere – at your residence, in a health club, or on the road. Moreover, they have inbuilt live activity trackers and reminders to motivate and discipline users to maintain fitness routines. Besides, popular apps have inspirational communities constantly encouraging you to complete your fitness journey successfully.

Based on various factors like affordable pricing, user-friendliness, workout types, trainer credibility, value-added features, and community strength, we have hand-picked the top fitness apps as of October 2022. Scroll below for more details on each app.

1) Nike Training Club (NTC) – A Unique App Offering Personalized Workouts

Nike Training Club (NTC) A Unique App Offering Personalized Workouts

NTC is a unique app providing personalized workouts designed by Nike’s reputed master trainers to help you attain your wellness goals. Moreover, depending on your fitness levels, you can choose basic bodyweight routines or full-equipment workouts.

Currently, NTC offers 4-6 flexible training plans tailored to your progress, work schedules, and day-to-day chores. These personal programs include guided workouts, endurance-building exercises, weight-loss solutions, and full-body strength training.

Key features:

  • 15-45 minute training sessions.
  • 190+ free workouts, including yoga, to strengthen abs, glutes, arms, legs, and shoulders.
  • Cardio workouts comprising kickboxing and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Recovery sessions for improving mobility.
  • Recommended workout collections.
  • Easy exercise regimes for better runs.
  • Badges and trophies for accomplishing workout milestones.

AppStore: Nike Training Club

2) Myfitnesspal – Free Workout App For iPhone With Customized Nutrition Plans

Myfitnesspal Free Workout App For iPhone With Customized Nutrition Plans

Myfitnesspal is one of the best free workout apps for iPhone, especially for those intending to shed a few extra pounds. Its weight management program encompasses customized nutrition plans, a calorie counter, and an extensive food database of 300M+ items. Besides, you can add your recipes to the database and share your weight loss mantra with others on the discussion forum.

Furthermore, you can upgrade to the premium plan and enjoy benefits like meal plans, personalized coaching, customizable carbs/proteins/fats, consolidated dashboards, progress files, and ad-free content.

Key features:

  • Supports multiple diets like the South Beach, Atkins, the Zone, etc
  • Food diary, activity logs, and daily intake tracker.
  • Balanced diet advice based on your micronutrient ratio goals.
  • Easy barcode scanning for adding nutrition facts.
  • 150+ recipes from expert dieticians.
  • Water intake monitoring.
  • Professionally curated workout regimes.

AppStore: Myfitnesspal

3) Fitness Point –  Workout App Based On Your In-App Fitness Test Results

Fitness Point   Workout App Based On Your In App Fitness Test Results

Fitness Point is an innovative app offering 100% individualized workout plans based on your fitness levels and objectives. Moreover, there are no predefined workouts. You will receive up to 4 personal workout plans every week based on your in-app fitness test results.

Whether you require bodyweights-only or high-intensity workouts, the app’s intelligent algorithm can identify your needs and curate a suitable plan accordingly. Besides, you can also create new exercises and log/note everything from sleep durations to workouts and repetitions.

Key features:

  • 230+ no-equipment bodyweight exercises with descriptions, animations, and trained muscles.
  • Past workout calendar.
  • Burned calories tracker.
  • Health app support, voice feedback, and encouragement.
  • iCloud backup in 16 languages.
  • 400+ exercises.
  • Rest timer.

AppStore: Fitness Point

4) Fit Radio: Train Inspired – Free Workout App For iPhone With DJ Mixes

Fit Radio Train Inspired Free Workout App For iPhone With DJ Mixes

Like grooving to soothing, motivational music while working out? If yes, choose Fitradio – the best free workout app for iPhone with DJ mixes from 40+ genres. The AI-powered app recognizes your music preferences and helps create personalized playlists. Besides, you can find your edge and keep yourself stimulated through high-energy jams.

Key features:

  • Fitness music created by 100+ professional DJs.
  • Cardio coaching.
  • Strength training videos.
  • Exclusive music stations for gyms and trainers.
  • Mood-uplifting, energetic music.

AppStore: Fit Radio: Train Inspired

5) Fitbit: Health & Fitness – World Class App With Do At Home Workout Videos From Top Brands

Fitbit Health & Fitness World Class App With Do At Home Workout Videos From Top Brands

Fitbit is a world-class fitness app that aims to make health & wellness accessible to all. Its advanced features include personalized guidance & fitness programs, mindfulness content, and 240+ do-at-home workout videos from top brands like Popsugar, Daily Burn, Barre3, etc.

Besides, you can supplement workout routines with Fitbit smartwatches and trackers to monitor your footstep counts, stress, nutrition, calorie burns, climbed floors, idle minutes, etc. Each Fitbit wearable is designed to inspire, inform, and sustain exercise regimes.

Key features:

  • Sleep tools – Sleep score, restoration metrics, sleep goal-setting, light/deep/REM sleep graphs, and bedtime alarms/reminders.
  • Stressbusting audio tracks and meditation music
  • Heart rate tracking – Trends, time spent in heart rate zones while exercising, cardio fitness score.
  • Premium benefits: Advanced insights, readiness scores, wellness reports, unique challenges, and health metrics.

AppStore: Fitbit: Health & Fitness

6) C25K: 5K Trainer – Fitness Training App For First-Time Runners

C25K 5K Trainer Fitness Training App For First Time Runners

C25K is a fantastic fitness training app for first-time runners. Its strength-building program teaches beginners to alternate between running and walking effortlessly. Moreover, the program is just eight weeks long, with three 30-minute sessions per week to complete a 5K run. In short, with C25K, you would be transformed from a couch potato into an athletic personality in no time.

Key features:

  • Collaborations with reputed brands.
  • Calorie and distance tracker.
  • Apple health kit.
  • Google Fit.
  • Audio Couch notifications and Zen Power playlist curated by famous DJs to motivate you.
  • C25K and Zen Labs apps for streamlining workout timetables, sleeping, walking, and running.
    Route mapping.

AppStore: C25K: 5K Trainer

7) Runkeeper: Distance Run Tracker – Workout App For Runners And Athletes

Runkeeper is another great workout app for runners and athletes. It provides detailed insights, custom workout plans, and expert coaching to enhance your running pace. Besides, you can chart a personalized path to achieve your health targets using Runkeeper’s training features.

Moreover, the integrated sound cues and trackers will prevent you from abandoning your fitness goals halfway. Furthermore, numerous in-app virtual races and challenges help users assess their running skills.

Key features:

  • Guided workouts curated by ASICS-certified coaches.
  • GPS-powered activity logs for recording activities like hiking, trekking, biking, etc.
  • Spotify and Apple Music integrations.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heart-rate trackers.
  • Partner apps.
  • Paid features: Personalized advice, progress analytics, workout comparisons, real-time tracking, Marathon training, and historical performance records.

AppStore: Runkeeper: Distance Run Tracker

8) Strava: Run, Ride, Hike – One-Stop Destination For Tracking Sports Activities

Strava Run Ride Hike One Stop Destination For Tracking Sports Activities

Strava is a one-stop destination for tracking all your sports activities like exercising, walking, sprinting, hiking, riding, swimming, etc. The term “Strava” has been coined from the Swedish word for strive and symbolizes the founders’ vision to make the app a meeting place for cyclists and runners across the globe.

Besides, the social app provides a brilliant “Routes” tool to help you discover adventure getaways and paths based on your outdoor preferences. Moreover, Strava provides a health kit for gauging heart rate and biometric data. Besides, this free workout app for iPhone helps to showcase your feats using engaging captions and photographs.

Key features:

  • Robust support network.
  • Intelligent training logs.
  • Live location tracker
  • App and device sync.
  • Monthly challenges to win badges.
  • Performance metrics
  • A social network for athletes.
  • Leaderboard of stretches covered by community members
  • It enables you to build custom routes.
  • Heatmaps when you are in new geographies
  • Student discounts

AppStore: Strava: Run, Ride, Hike

9) Fitocracy: Fitness Collective – Professional Training App From The World’s Best Coaches

Fitocracy Fitness Collective Professional Training App From The World's Best Coaches

Fitocracy is an award-winning platform recognized as “the app of the year” by Men’s Journal and “top innovation in health and fitness” by Mashable. Considered life-changing, revolutionary, and dynamic by experts, Fitocracy makes your exercise routine fun and entertaining. Besides, it has a captivating iOS visual design.

Moreover, Fitocracy offers an incredible combination of workouts and addictive leveling systems of video games like Call of Duty, Pokemon, etc. You would acquire reward points every time you complete a level. The urge to garner maximum points deters you from skipping your exercise routine.

Lastly, it has been featured on top platforms like CNN, Apple App Store, Lifehacker, Techcrunch, the NY observer, etc. Celebs like Miss America 2013 also endorse it as a reliable workout app for becoming healthy and fit.

Key features:

  • Speedy workout tracker.
  • Flexible app to create/add custom workouts, save exercise routines, rearrange workouts, and append supersets/circuits.
  • World-class fitness coaches.
  • Personalized eating plans.
  • Runkeeper sync.
  • Enables users to export/import progress reports and images

AppStore: Fitocracy: Fitness Collective

10) Adidas Running – Personalized Training App For Races And Marathons

Adidas Running Personalized Training App For Races And Marathons

Adidas Running is an excellent run tracker with a 170M+ global user base. It is compatible with many apps like Polar, Kinomap, Nolio, Coros, Xhale, Suunto, etc., and offers personalized training for races and marathons. Besides, it monitors all your physical activities and movements.

An outstanding app feature is the Adiclub Loyalty program for premium members. The program enables you to accumulate redeemable points for early access to products, events, etc.

Key features:

  • Interval training for walking, cycling, and running.
  • Historical records.
  • Auto-pauses when you are not moving.
  • Virtual race calendar.
  • Embedded GPS tracker
  • Monitors activity duration, hydration levels, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt.
  • Attractive rewards for hitting milestones.
  • Partnered with to create riveting visuals of fitness adventures.

AppStore: Adidas Running

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Concluding Thoughts

The workout apps mentioned above work on both iOS and Android-compatible portable devices. They provide free trials, daily activity snapshots, health stats, and downloadable progress reports, including past logs.

Besides, these apps prompt you to remain healthy through social media posts and unfiltered feeds from active communities. Moreover, you can unlock special prizes, add-ons, and adventures by completing the in-app quests & challenges.

Thus, choose a suitable app, embark on a fitness voyage, create custom regimes, and share with friends and followers. Originally researched and published by® – No Copy or Rewrite without permission. 

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