Are you looking for the greatest productivity apps for your iPad? These apps are especially important in this age of speed when people are always on the go. Coffee on the go, lunch on the go, getting work done on the go, even sometimes parenting on the go – time is too limited to do unlimited work. That’s why technology-savvy people are always looking for ways to increase their productivity.

Mobility is the future, and the soul of this future lies in the intricate algorithms of apps. To make life easier, tons of apps are mushrooming in App Stores. There’s an app for everything – to read news, to play games, to study, for a meeting, to date, to schedule, to lose weight, to see a doctor, to become more productive – practically everything is possible using apps. But which works best? What are the best productivity apps that everyone is swearing by? Below is a list of 10 such greatest productivity apps for your iPad. Read on to know more!

Top 10 Productivity Apps For iPad 2023

Best iPad Apps For Productivity Top 10 iPad Apps 2022

You must be wondering why we are specifically talking about productivity apps for iPad? Why not android or even iPhones or Macbooks? In a nutshell, iPads are handy and don’t require much space like a laptop. Also, it has proven its worth so much that now Apple felt the need to create a different version of iOS for it, called iPadOS. Apart from the built-in apps, some free and paid apps are available on the App Store that will help you become more productive with your iPad. Some of these apps are:

  • Scanbot
  • Focus Keeper
  • Paper
  • Paste
  • PDF Expert
  • Zoom
  • TeamViewer
  • Text Expander
  • Shortcuts
  • Yoink


1) Scanbot: Premium Mobile Scanning App For iPad Users

Scanbot Premium Mobile Scanning App For iPad Users

Unlike phones, the camera on the much larger iPad may seem quite odd because wielding it is cumbersome. So, when you are in a hurry and need documents or anything to be scanned, that camera on your iPad is to good use. Scanbot is a premium mobile scanning app that helps users scan – from documents and bills to business cards and documents – practically anything – and save as high-quality PDFs. The app also lets its users send the scan copies via email, chat, or upload them to any cloud storage service.

The user interface of this app is straightforward. The user needs to hover the iPad over the document that needs scanning, and Scanbot does the rest. It detects the edges of the document, crops and enhances the image quality, and saves the scanned file as a PDF document.

Visit Scanbot App Store Page

2) Focus Keeper: Best Productivity Enhancer App Available On The App Store

Focus Keeper is probably the best productivity enhancer app available on the App Store. It helps users to focus on the task at hand. The app will remind you of your next task or take some rest. Aptly named, Focus Keeper works like a reminder app while following the Pomodoro timer system. Create tasks and start the Pomodoro timer. Once 25 mins are up, it will remind the user to take a 5 minutes short break.

Unlike any other, Focus Keeper also keeps track of how many Pomodoro periods you worked through and how quickly you stopped the timer. So, keep your productivity high by avoiding burnout using Focus Keeper.

Price: The basic version is free; Pomodoro Keeper Pro costs $1.99; Focus Keeper Pro for a one-year subscription is $5.99; Focus Keeper Pro for 1 Month is $0.99.

3) Paper By Fifty Three: Immersive Drawing App For iPad Users

Let your creative juices flow anytime, anywhere – even when you are not in front of your computer. Turn your iPad into a sketchpad and scribble your ideas and visions. Paper is an immersive drawing app based on traditional paper sketching for helping its users draw, paint, and sketch millions of ideas on the go. Its notable features include a pencil, fountain pen, marker, highlighter, paintbrush, paint-style color mixer, and pencil+ruler for precise drawing. The app can be integrated with 3rd party paint stylus like Apple Pencil.

Price: Basic version is free; $5.99 for 6 months and $9.99/year is applicable for a Pro subscription.

4) Paste By FiftyThree (WeTransfer): Great Productivity Enhancing Presentation Tool

Paste By FiftyThree (WeTransfer) Great Productivity Enhancing Presentation Tool

The paste is another great productivity-enhancing tool from FiftyThree. It’s a presentation tool that lets its users scribble their brilliant ideas or import anything – link, photo, document – to create a one-of-a-kind presentation. It automates the cumbersome process of formatting. Its reactive slides can turn everything into place and make your ideas look like a professional presentation in real-time. This app comes in handy, especially when you are in a time crunch or have forgotten to make a presentation that was due today!

Price: It is free for unlimited slides in 3 slide decks; the Starter Plan for unlimited slides and decks comes at $8/month per user.

Visit Paste App Store Page

5) PDF Expert: PDF Editing App For iPhone, iPad, And Mac

Have a PDF form that needs to be filled in quickly? Or a PDF document that needs immediate correction? Sometimes, converting PDF into DOC messes up the format. So what’s the solution! PDF Expert solves this issue. It is an editing app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This app allows users not only to read but can even annotate, edit PDFs, change or modify texts and images, fill in forms, and sign documents.

Price: It is a paid app. It costs $9.99.

6) Zoom: Best Video Conferencing Suite For iPad Users

Zoom is an enterprise-level video conferencing suite that gives SMEs and corporates the freedom to engage from anywhere, anytime. It has been named as a leader for the fifth consecutive year in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Meeting Solutions. It ensures that meetings are easy-to-invite -start, join, and collaborate for all users. Zoom can easily be integrated with Alexa or Google Home. This gives participants the freedom to use it from anywhere, anytime. Zoom’s robust security settings ensure your meetings are seamless, encrypted, have role-based security, and are protected by a passcode.

Price: Its basic version is free for unlimited 1-to-1 meetings and up to 40-minutes free meetings with up to 100 participants.

7) TeamViewer: All-In-One Solution For Remote Access In iPad.

TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution for remote access, online meetings, and remote support. It is preferred by customer service and technical teams at the enterprise level. TeamViewer erases the geographical gap and allows its users to assist customers remotely, and collaborate with colleagues. It also comes in handy if you have forgotten to bring a file to the office. If your devices both have this app and are powered on more, you can easily access your home computer using TeamViewer. It can be downloaded for free.

8) Text Expander : Best Text Expander App For iPad.

When you are in a hurry, the most time-consuming task is to type. So many systems have been invented to reduce this. Speech-to-text dictation is one of them. But even that fails due to the limitation of the speech recognition system. That’s why, to mitigate this issue and help people save time by typing less, came Text Expander. We believe it is the best solution to type fast and less.

When you are free, all you have to do is create snippets of regularly used phrases, and signatures, and even create email templates, letters, reports, and more. It can be synced with any app. When you are on the go, select the saved snippets to type faster. It also helps in reducing typos.

Price: The one-time cost of TextExpander Legacy is $4.99 with basic snippets without syncing. The monthly plan for Life Hacker starts from $4.16.

9) Shortcuts: Best Shortcuts App For iPad

Shortcuts are the most versatile app for a busy person like you. Resizing a photo, adding a date to a document, signing a contract, starting a timer or a reminder, copying contacts – tedious tasks like these can easily be automated using Apple’s new Shortcuts app. Similar to Automator for Mac, Shortcut helps you focus on important tasks. The best thing about this is that it’s a free tool. As an added advantage, iOS 12 lets you run this using Siri on your iPad. So, there’s no more need to engage in typing.

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10) Yoink: New Generation Drag And Drop App For iPad Users.

While working on an important project or researching something, you browse through multiple apps and websites. You might like an image from one site, text from another, or even need to have a document handy quickly. No better app works as a temporary shelf like Yoink. It’s a new generation drag and drop system. It lets you temporarily store all the data in one place, eliminating the need to move back and forth.

The best way to use Yoink is as a slide over an app. If you are working on multiple apps on a split-screen, Yoink will hover over the corner of your iPad’s screen. You can easily drag and drop your saved items where it is required.
Price: First trial week costs $4.99, post that Yoink costs $7.99 as a one-time purchase.

The iPad might not be as robust as the Mac, but these job-specific apps can increase your productivity from anywhere. Which of these apps did you like the most? Let us know which apps you are planning to purchase/download first in the comments below!

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