Searching for the best taxi booking apps in London and the United Kingdom in 2023. London has a large network of taxi drivers and aggregators, with 9 million people residing and about 20 million tourists annually. Yet, for over 67 million people living in the UK and for over 35 million annual tourists to the country, taxi booking apps are an essential part of smooth travel. As the pandemic started closing in, one of the collateral damages was the taxis. Covid-19 hurt the business, but it is back to where it belonged.

Best Taxi Apps In London & United Kingdom In 2023

If you are looking for the best taxi apps in London and the United Kingdom, we’ve already curated the list and cut it short for your perusal. We also covered each of the apps in-depth, so you only have to make your choice. Let’s check out the features of the top 5 taxi booking apps.

1) Uber: UK’s Most Popular Taxi App With Highest Taxis Numbers

Uber UKs Most Popular Taxi App With Highest Taxis

Uber is the UK’s largest taxi app with wings spread across the country. It covers many features, including executive cars and larger cars in its fleet. You can select your choice and pre-booking to ensure you reach your destination on time. In London alone, over 45000 drivers are working for Uber.

The users may complain about surge pricing, but even with that, Uber’s range, features, convenience, and pricing are unmatched. It is a dependable service that looks after all the spectrums – from affordability to luxury. Even electric scooters have now entered the fray of one of the best taxi booking apps in London & United Kingdom for a long time.

The only cons would be that Uber doesn’t accept cash. However, you can store multiple cards and pay using services like Apple Pay.

Top features:

  • Largest fleet of taxis.
  • The range is very high, from electric scooters to executive luxury cars.
  • SOS Safety Feature, and also Trip Location Sharing.
  • Price Estimates Available before Ride.
  • Available across the United Kingdom.

Google Play Link: Uber

App Store Link: Uber

2) Gett: The Carbon Neutral Taxi Booking App

Gett The Carbon Neutral Taxi Booking App

Gett is one of the up-and-coming alternatives to Uber and a carbon-neutral UK taxi booking app. While being one of the best taxi booking apps in London & United Kingdom in 2023, it also sets an example for the future of mobility by employing electric cars in addition to the regular Black Cab of the UK. They have also set an example by providing special taxis for the transport of the disabled.

Gett is in 8 cities in the UK, including London. It works similarly to Uber, providing options of booking the taxi immediately or pre-booking. Gett allows passengers to choose the type of car and also allows them to book and track the cab. You can pay using the card and cash, a feature not yet available in Uber.

Top features:

  • Net carbon-neutral app.
  • Provides regular taxis, electric taxis, and taxis for the disabled
  • Booking and tracking options are available in the app.
  • Available in 8 cities in the UK.

Google Play Link: Gett

App Download Link: Gett

3) Bolt: Taxify – Alternative To Uber Taxi App In London

Bolt Taxify Alternative To Uber Taxi Booking App In London

Bolt is among the largest competitors of Uber in Europe. They had been once banned in London, in 2017, due to licensing issues. They were called Taxify then. They re-branded as Bolt and came back in the year 2019, gaining a consistent foothold in the field of taxi booking since then. It is one of the largest taxi aggregators in London, employing over 35,000 drivers in the capital city alone.

Bolt makes booking, tracking, and paying for your taxi services quickly. It allows both cards as well as cash payments. You can also add your home and office address, making your regular commute more convenient and faster. The options for the number of vehicles are varied, and you can see the trip cost before confirming the trip. The trip history feature also helps you keep track of using one of the best taxi app in London & United Kingdom.

Top features:

  • Varied options for cab booking.
  • Convenient booking with home and office options, as well as trip history.
  • Pay by cash or card, with the option of saving different cards for payments.
  • The safety feature is an in-app ‘panic button’ that alerts Bolt.

Google Play Link: Bolt

App Store Link: Bolt

4) Ola: The Upcoming Global Challenger

Ola The Upcoming Global Challenger

Ola is rising to be one of the global players in the taxi aggregator business. Ola originated in India and is headquartered in Bangalore. It has a global presence in Australia and New Zealand, apart from its origin country and the United Kingdom. The company offers a larger share of the revenue to the drivers while keeping the taxi affordable. This fact alone drags it into our list of best taxi apps in London & United Kingdom. The app has a guardian system that uses AI and machine learning to detect irregular taxi routes and driver behavior. It’s a safety feature that helps users in possibly problematic trips.

Ola works like Uber. You can book your taxi online and get the price estimate. They’re also working towards becoming carbon neutral. Their foray into carpooling, electric scooter-sharing, and electric taxis showcase their intent. They’re also looking into the corporate and car rental market.

Top Features:

  • The Guardian system is an ultimate safety feature.
  • A global company with a presence in 4 countries and over 250 cities worldwide
  • Higher share for the drivers.

Google Play Link: Ola

App Store Link: Ola

5) Free Now: A Familiar Taxi App In Uk

Free Now A Familiar Taxi App In Uk

Free Now is familiar to the taxi business in the UK. It was the first to club private taxis and black cabs under one app. It was initially known as ‘Hailo,’ which was then changed to ‘MyTaxi’ before finally turning to Free Now. The Free Now app has a legacy of providing military mobility to passengers and communities while also working up the case for drivers – creating a mutually beneficial policy.

They have recently also merged with another large taxi booking app, Kapten. While they were both great separately, this merger quickly placed them in the top half of the best taxi apps in London & United Kingdom in 2023. They have a large fleet of taxis – including the original black cabs and private taxi operators. Convenient and fast payment, with e-mail receipt of the taxi bills, make them useful for business purposes.

Top features:

  • Convenient credit card payments.
  • Option to save home and work locations.
  • Stay safe by sharing ride locations with loved ones.
  • Book up to 4 days in advance for a trip.
  • Instant and 24 x 7 availability.

Google Play Link: Free Now

App Store Link: Free Now

Is Uber The Most Available And Trusted Taxi App In Uk?

Uber happens to be a global name that is both famous as well as infamous. Its license was revoked in London in 2019, and the taxi use dipped in the covid years in 2020-2021. They did exceedingly well to win the legal battle to get their license back, making them eligible to run on the London roads. They are the largest taxi service, making them easily the most available taxi app in the UK.

They are also the most trusted app, despite plenty of user complaints. Their safety features, availability, and global standards mean they are one of the most known taxi aggregator platforms. Uber is now synonymous with taxis. People don’t book a taxi anymore; they book an Uber. This is the trust of the people in the app, which is available for Android and iOS.

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Conclusion: An Industry Waiting To Explode

We have curated the list of best taxi apps in London & United Kingdom in 2022. While many apps are doing excellent service, these are the top 5 that matter at this point.

Covid-19 was a dampener to plenty of businesses, including the taxi business. Yet, the companies have come out of it with fresh experiences. Taxi service remains the lifeline of transport, especially in big cities like London. – Firstly Published on Infostor- No Copy without permission!

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