Best Taxi Apps In Dubai : 5 Popular Taxi Booking App In UAE

Best Taxi Booking Apps In Dubai & UAE

Are you looking for the best taxi booking apps in Dubai & United Arab Emirates in 2022? Many individuals prefer to book a ride via an app rather than hire a taxi. The apps offer users different vehicle options to pick the one they want based on their budget. Moreover, apps provide much more features and rewards plus ensure optimal safety with background checks and ratings of drivers.

However, before downloading any random taxi apps in Dubai & United Arab Emirates, it is first vital to know the best platforms and their pros plus cons. In this article, we will answer all such questions and provide you with a brief review of the best taxi booking apps.

Best Taxi Booking Apps In Dubai & United Arab Emirates In 2022

There are multiple Taxi Booking Apps In Dubai & United Arab Emirates, but only a few offer the best rates, drivers, features, and vehicle options. We explored all the popular apps and listed the best five among them. Keep reading below to know why we think these five apps are the best booking apps In Dubai & United Arab Emirates.

1) Careem Dubai- The Most Rewarding Taxi Booking App In UAE

Careem Dubai The Most Rewarding Taxi Booking App In UAE

With over 10M+ downloads and a 4.2-star rating, Careem allows users to book affordable rides and schedule pick-ups. Rides include city-to-city, local, and Hala taxis and bike rentals. Apart from booking rides, users can order food from several restaurants, obtain groceries, and deliver parcels around the city. Also, to prevent the spread of Covid, Careem ensures all captains maintain a clean and sanitized vehicle.

Careem rewards users for every ride and even offers a carpooling option. The app also has a Plus plan that gives subscribers perks while booking rides, orders, and more. Moreover, the app supports English and Arabic plus accepts cash, card, and Careem credits.


  • Ability to track the ride in real-time and share information with friends or family
  • Presents premium and budget-friendly rides option
  • The platform offers 24/7 on-call support plus a strict onboarding system.


  • As per the online reviews, the support team needs to respond much more quickly.
  • According to the times, the location of the ride on the in-app GPS lags.

Download Careem Dubai 

Google Play Page: Careem Dubai Google Play

Careem Dubai AppStore

2) Uber UAE- Book From The Biggest Network Of Active Riders

Uber UAE Book From The Biggest Network Of Active Riders

With over 500M+ downloads, more than 25 supported languages, and a 4.4-star rating, Uber is one of the best taxi booking apps in Dubai & United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, the app offers multiple booking options, such as reasonable standard or executive rides with premium features. Also, there is an UberXL option to book a ride with up to 6 friends.

The taxi booking platform offers door-to-door safety and introduces new safety features to enable a positive booking experience. The app allows users to give the driver ratings or comments that enable new people to find the best cab in their area. To ensure optimal safety, Uber lets users call emergency services via the app and automatically shares the location plus trip details. Users can also view the estimated price of the trip before booking the ride.


  • Share location along with trip status with your loved ones
  • Available in 600+ airports along with 10,000+ cities worldwide
  • Option to schedule trip ahead of time


  • The cost of the trip fluctuates when the gas rates increase
  • Sometimes it might take a long for the driver to reach the pick-up location

Download Uber UAE 

Google Play Page: Uber UAE Google Play

Uber UAE AppStore

3) S’hail- Simple Taxi Booking Apps In Dubai & United Arab Emirates

S'hail Simple Taxi Booking Apps In Dubai & United Arab Emirates

S’hail is not like every other taxi booking service. It enables quick, convenient, plus simple booking of transportation right at the fingertips. Apart from booking, the platform also displays users’ different public transport routes, plus various modes of transportation, including Buses, Tram, Marine, Metro, e-hailing, and others.

Individuals can use the app as guest users or create an RTA account to access more in-app features. Users can also use the app to find the cheapest or fastest route and know real-time departure times.


  • Clean interface that is hassle-free to use
  • Obtains regular updates and works on most modern devices
  • Available in over five languages


  • Can use a good website along with better interface/ features for the app
  • Missing rewards program
  • Sometimes is unable to detect the current location.

Download S’hail 

Google Play Page: S’hail Google Play

S’hail AppStore

4) DTC SMART APP- A Reliable Booking App For People In Dubai & UAE

DTC SMART APP A Reliable Booking App For People In Dubai & UAE

From Limousines to affordable options, DTC App is a premium transport booking application for smartphones. The app offers multiple features, including the opportunity to book a ride instantly or schedule it for some time in the future, real-time calculation of the fare, plus live trip tracking. Moreover, the app allows users to discover top places in Dubai to explore the city quickly and efficiently. Apart from this, the platform hires expert male plus female drivers that operate safe and comfortable rides.

Tracking the trip history is easy, and the platform also includes rewards/ loyalty points. DTC App is a subsidiary of RTA ( Dubai Roads and Transport Authority) that aims to maintain its international quality standards every time.


  • Accepts cash as well as credit payment options
  • Fast customer support
  • Secure payment methods and affordable pricing


  • A few users complain about the drivers taking longer routes.

Download DTC SMART 

Google Play Page: DTC SMART Google Play


5) Dubai Bus On Demand App- The Most Eco-Friendly Option To Travel In Dubai & UAE

Dubai Bus On Demand App- The Most Eco-Friendly Option To Travel In Dubai & UAE

Dubai Bus on Demand is a popular app that provides affordable, fast, and clever ways to travel inside Dubai. The platform’s core concept aims to help multiple passengers heading in the same direction book a shared vehicle. After signing up for the app, users need to input their address, and the algorithm will find a ride traveling along the way. Moreover, the app’s algorithm will match your trip with the most relevant vehicle and let users share their trip experience with other passengers traveling on similar routes.

However, the shared ride will pick the passenger up from a nearby location and also drop them off within a few blocks of their requested destination. Moreover, users can obtain an accurate estimate before booking to ensure they pay the right amount, plus track their ride in real-time.


  • Spot available for individuals who are using a wheelchair
  • Environmentally friendly rides


  • The number of passengers can vary based on the chosen destination and capacity.
  • The app is relatively new when compared to others on the list
  • The ride will take some time to reach.

Download Dubai Bus On Demand 

Google Play Page: Dubai Bus On Demand Google Play

Dubai Bus On-Demand AppStore

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Uber VS Taxi- Which Is Cheaper In Dubai?

According to online mediums, booking a ride with Uber might be cheaper when compared to regular taxis. However, this may not always be cheaper as there are different options, ranging from standard to premium vehicles. Taxis in Dubai might or not follow the Government’s standards. Hence, taxi drivers will charge unfair amounts and may detour to increase the overall rate.

On the other hand, platforms such as Uber and other booking sites will present an estimated price along with the route the driver will take to help avoid unfair practices.

Closing words.

Although the number of taxi booking apps has increased over time, the five listed above are the best in terms of safety, app security, interface, rewards, and booking options. Apps such as Uber and Careem are already popular, whereas S’hail and DTC offer the most affordable options. Furthermore, Dubai Bus on Demand is ideal for people who prefer to opt for shared transportation and want to spend the least on travel.

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