Are you looking for the best taxi apps in Qatar in 2023? You have come to the right place. Our team of experts went above and beyond to find you the top five options available in the peninsular Arab country.

According to Oxford Business Group, Qatar recently upgraded its transportation infrastructure, inaugurating numerous new expressways, including a 33 km Al Khor Road. With the development of roadways and public transport, there has also been a rise in private taxis and cabs.

People living and travelling to the country have a wide range of cab services. They can opt for the government-partnered Karwa taxis or the world-renowned Uber transport services. Most taxis can pay via cash or card and come with their dedicated apps.

According to our research, the cost of travelling is fairly reasonable in Qatar.

Qatar Has Many Options For Taxis

Many companies are offering taxi services in the country and its capital, Doha. You can easily find these companies on Google’s transportation map. Some companies work on offline communications, while others have dedicated apps for an easier commute. The apps are made for both Android and iOS users.

We have researched numerous companies to find the top taxi services present in the country. These companies have high ratings and many positive reviews.

Top 5 Taxi Booking Apps In Qatar 2023

If Qatar is on your vacation list, you should check the list of Popular Taxi Apps in Qatar below. We have curated a list of five of the best and most reliable cab services in the Middle Eastern country.
Check our list below:

1) Karwa Taxi App- The Mowasalat Owned Taxi Services In Qatar

Karwa Taxi- The Mowasalat Owned Taxi Services In QatarKarwa Taxi App is No.1 on our Qatar taxi apps list, easily identified by its bright turquoise colours, and dominates the roads in Qatar. It is owned by a company called Mowasalat, which runs various vehicles, like buses, boats, and limousines.

The company works in partnership with the Qatar government and functions 24 hours a day on a metered basis. Travellers can easily find them near major transport terminals like airports and train stations.

Karwa Taxis take payments in Qatari Riyal via cash, card, or online payments. The fairs start at QAR 25, which is equivalent to $7. People can hail them from the streets, and book rides via the Karwa Taxi app. You can also reserve the cabs by calling (+974) 800 8294 or (+974) 4458 8888. It also offers cabs designed explicitly for people with special needs.

Top Features:

  • Easily recognizable due to its bright turquoise colours
  • Functions 24 hours a day
  • Accepts payments in all forms
  • Can be booked in different ways

Google Play Link For Karwa Taxi: Karwa Taxi

App Store Link For Karwa Taxi: Karwa Taxi

2) Uber App- The World Renown Cab Service In Qatar

Uber- The World Renown Cab Service In QatarUber App is a worldwide trusted cab service owned by the San Francisco-based company Uber Technologies, Inc. It revolutionized the way people travelled by taxis, allowing them to book a cab through the internet from different devices. In Qatar, the Uber taxi app offers various kinds of services, including choices in the booked cars.

Being used all over the world, Uber has built itself a trustworthy image. It is available in approximately 72 countries and over 10,500 cities, including Qatar. People visiting Qatar might pick Uber as their choice of taxi due to its familiarity.

Prices on Uber depend on many things, like demand, availability, and time of the day. Being such a big brand, Uber’s app works seamlessly, and its taxis are available around all the important terminals in a city. Customers can easily see the cost of their ride before booking the cab, which also acts as an advantage in decision-making.

Top Features:

  • Global brands
  • Users are familiar with the company
  • Offers choice in cars
  • Shows ride cost before booking

Google Play Link For Uber: Uber

App Store Link For Uber: Uber

3) Careem- A Dubai Based Taxi Booking App

Careem- A Dubai Based Taxi Booking AppCareem is a cab booking company created in Dubai and functions in 12 nations across South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It has similar features to the Uber app. The company is currently acquired by Uber but works separately in Qatar.

This Qatar-based taxi company has many features, like different types of cars and a reward point system, where customers earn points from every ride and later use it to make donations to different charities. Riders can easily pay via cash, card, or online payment for their cab rides.

Careem hails itself as the most affordable taxi in the country, with Careem Go having fairs as low as QAR7.5. It also has a good number of female drivers, making women travelling by themselves feel safer.

Top Features:

  • Has a reward system
  • Affordable prices
  • Has female drivers for the comfort of women
  • Accepts payments through different methods

Google Play Link For Careem: Careem

App Store Link For Careem: Careem

4) Ryde Qatar- Qatar Based Taxi Booking App

Ryde Qatar- Qatar Based Taxi Booking AppRyde Qatar is a Qatar-based taxi app that offers reasonable taxi fares to its riders. The company offers its customers several different cars and vehicles, varying from economical options to luxurious limousines. It also has a “Ryde Pink” feature, where female customers can opt for women drivers for a comfortable ride.

Frequent app customers can buy Ryde Pass with offers and discounted prices. The passes do not have any expiration dates and can be clubbed with other offers, making it a profitable deal for the buyers.

Being only two years old, Ryde Qatar has already won a dedicated customer base and positive reviews for its motto of supplying “fareness” to riders and drivers. It promises comfortable rides to its customers and fair earings to its can riders.

Top Features:

  • Offers Ryde Pass with discounts
  • It provides a variety of cars
  • Ryde Pink offers female drivers
  • Affordable cab booking app in Qatar

Google Play Link For Ryde Qatar: Ryde

App Store Link For Ryde Qatar: Ryde

5) PickQuick taxi App- Luxurious Chauffeur Services On A Budget In Qatar

PickQuick- Luxurious Chauffeur Services On A Budget In QatarPickQuick is another Qatar-based cab booking app. The company has been in the business of lending chauffeured luxury vehicles since 1998 but began offering regular cab bookings in 2016. Its CEO, Md Alamgir Hossain Ali, is from Bangladesh and has been living in Qatar since 1989.

The company offers 24/7 services with a discount of QAR 8 on customers’ first rides. Users must create an app account and feed their location to meet their drivers. It also has a referral system where customers can earn app points by referring the app to their friends and family.

It also has a 24/7 support section to help customers who feel unsafe during their rides. PickQuick is currently only active in Qatar, but the brand is looking to expand in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Top Features:

  • Has attractive discounts
  • Referral programs for customers to earn points
  • 24/7 support section
  • Been in the chauffeur business since 1998

Google Play Link For PickQuick: PickQuick

App Store Link For PickQuick: PickQuick

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Final Thoughts

Qatar has many different apps to book cabs and taxis. Each app has its unique feature that can be useful for different customers. International visitors might find comfort in booking an Uber, while locals prefer Karwa. Meanwhile, women may feel safer in a car driven by females. Some companies even offer limousines for people with expensive tastes.

Almost all the apps offer different types of cars and different price points. Customers need to look at their requirements before hiring their ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which cab booking app is best in Qatar?
A) As previously mentioned, each app has its uniqueness and speciality, depending on the customers’ preferences.

2) Which is the cheapest taxi app in Qatar?
A) Considering the first ride, PickQuick is the cheapest, with a discount of QAR 8 on the first booking.

3) Which one is cheaper, Uber or Careem?
A) Both apps are controlled by the same parent company and show similar prices.

4) Which app is best for women?
A) Careem and Ryde offer female drivers to comfort female customers.

5) Which is easily available?
A) Karwa Taxi is found in abundance in Qatar.

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