Do you wish to know the best TikTok alternatives in India for iOS and Android? Do you want complete information on the applications and how you can use them in the absence of TikTok to create similar videos? Then you are at the right place.

Since the Indian government decided to ban several Chinese apps in 2020, a temporary void was created in the Indian short video-creation and sharing segment. However, several indigenous tech companies rose to the occasion and created their versions of TikTok alternatives in India with loads of features and multiple twists.

Our social media and tech researchers have stringently checked numerous apps and measured their experiences. We have created a guide to introduce you to some sites like TikTok in India.

10 Best TikTok Alternatives In India In 2023

To create the curated assortment of the best TikTok alternatives in India in 2023, our research team went through a lot of ordeals. Finally, we made a list of the 10 best sites like Tiktok ideal for Indian citizens or communities. Recently these apps have replaced TikTok in popularity. Follow the space to learn about them in detail.

Our social media team picked the best sites like TikTok in India with an eagle’s eye. Here is the curated assortment.

1) Instagram Reels/IG Reels –  Most Popular Alternatives To TikTok In India

Instagram Reels IG Reels  Most Popular Alternatives To TikTok In IndiaCompatibility: iOS, Android

Instagram Reels enable you to make short videos of any category or genre and share them on Instagram. These reels appear in your feed as well as your stories. Since creating IG reels is fast and hassle-free, it is highly appealing to the youth and has converted thousands of people into overnight IG reel stars.

The timer and countdown feature enables you to create 15-second to 90-second long Reels without constantly pressing the record button, although initially, reels were short. This short-form, entertaining video experience is one of the best sites like TikTok in India in 2023.

Downloading IG Reels from your account is a no-brainer. Simply click the three-dot on the right side of the Reels menu of the Reels video that you want to download. It will show you multiple options like share, save, etc. You can click on save to download the video.

However, it won’t be saved on your device. It is held in the IG app itself. If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are synced via the Account center, then you can even share your Instagram Reels on your Facebook account.

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2) Youtube Shorts – The Absolute Hit Amongst Youngsters

Youtube Shorts - Tiktok Alternative In India For Android And iOSCompatibility: iOS, Android

Youtube Shorts has been an instant hit among youths since its release. This Youtube video-sharing app has been a rage amongst teens who want to create short videos and share them publically. With its fun quotient, Youtube Shorts has been breaking boundaries and has gone on to become one of the best TikTok alternatives in India.

Youtube will show users videos recommended based on their watching history and preferences. While video creation has been integrated with tools and text addition, people can also comment and share their favorite videos.

3) Chingari – Popular TikTok Alternatives In India

Chingari - Popular TikTok Alternatives In IndiaCompatibility: iOS, Android

The Chingari app is a short video creation and sharing application mainly targeted toward Indian youth. It is one of the latest video creation and sharing alternatives for TikTok in India for iOS and Android. With the app’s help, you can create lip-syncing videos, short music, and dance videos and share them with your friends and followers on the platform.

An upside of the Chingari app is that it enables you to earn money depending on your profile’s number of active followers on the platform. The app’s beta version has already released GARI tokens, which you can use to trade, buy, or sell NFTs and other recognized cryptocurrencies once they become popular and globally acceptable.

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4) Josh – India’s Home-Made Answer To TikTok App

Josh Sites Like Tiktok In IndiaCompatibility: iOS, Android

Josh is a short-video creation app launched in 2020, keeping the Indian audience in mind once the Indian government banned TikTok and other Chinese apps. We loved the Josh app because it is compatible with every Indian.

It is available in 12 languages and enables even regional content creators to make and share high-quality short videos for infotainment. Although available for free download from the Google Play Store, there are multiple APKs of the app for download and use on iOS devices.

With several video categories like yoga, dance, devotion, culinary videos, and even trending and viral videos, we found that an enthusiastic content creator can create videos up to 120 seconds for pure fun and infotainment.

Apart from uploading their videos, users can also remix and share their bite-sized content with the easy-to-use tools on the platform.

5) MX Takatak – Top Choice For A TikTok Alternative In India

MX Takatak - Top Choice For A TikTok Alternative In IndiaCompatibility: Android

Although traditionally said to be the Indianized version of TikTok or the greatest rival of TikTok for the Indian communities, MX Takatak has come a long way since its inception. It is currently a video-creating social media sensation used by nearly 10 million young and talented content creators.

Primarily targeted towards the teenage population, MX Takatak is available for Android devices, and you can download it with in-app advertisements from the Google Play store. However, several sites on the internet let you download the MX Takatak APK file for the iOS platform for free.

This short video community app created locally by MX Media and Entertainment enables you to watch and share videos ranging from comedy, dialogue dubbing, gaming, memes, food, sports, and DIY, among the most common. With its increasing user base, MX Takatak is quickly becoming as an app like TikTok in India.

6) Moj – The Sensational Video Sharing App For The Nation

Moj Sites Like Tiktok For IndiansCompatibility: Android, iOS

Our social media researchers put in a lot of hours to come up with popular TikTok alternatives in India. Their hours of research yielded them fantastic results, like Moj, a piping hot sensation in India’s video-sharing and social networking community. Developed by Mohalla Tech, Moj enables you to experience entertainment like never before.

Moj is free for download at the Google App Store and works perfectly well with Android devices. However, you can also download free APK files that work well and are compatible with iOS devices.

This global short video creation platform primarily has the nation’s heart because of its features like filters, slow-mo, editing options, and others. It is an app like TikTok in India that will go a long way.

7) Mitron – Powering India’s Indigenous Short Video Creation Revolution

Mitron Best Tiktok Alternative In IndiaCompatibility: iOS, Android

Mitron is a short video creation app that doubles up as a social platform where people can exhibit their content creation talents and play interactive games online. Launched in 2020, Mitron is going strong, with 10 million downloads on the Google App Store and several APKs downloaded from sites for iOS-exclusive devices. That is why our tech researchers think it is one of the popular alternatives to TikTok in India for iOS and Android.

From countless audio tracks embedded in the platform to 15 video categories for the users to browse videos to their liking from across the globe, Mitron has become one of our most liked apps similar to TikTok. It is built with a user-friendly interface, and the application size is really small, at 26 MB. However, with that, it enables short video creation, features like built-in effects, and an extensive range of transitions.

8) Bolo Live –  True Blue TikTok Alternatives For Indian Citizens

Bolo Live -  True Blue TikTok Alternatives For Indian CitizensCompatibility: iOS, Android

The experience that Bolo Live provides enthralled our team of video creation researchers. It is not just a short video creation platform like TikTok, but a lifestyle application with a live video streaming ability. If you join the Bolo Live tribe from across the world, you can live stream your life’s precious moments or your lifestyles, like your food habits, skills, talents, experiences, and much more!

With over 11 million earning creators who earn an average of INR 1.6 lakhs per month, the app is creating ripples by being easily downloadable from the Google App Store or the Apple Store. This feature lets a video content creator or a host add viewers to his live stream who can reward him if they like his content. That is how Bolo Live ensures interesting content creators earn money.

9) Roposo – TikTok Alternative With A Twist

Roposo - TikTok Alternative In IndiaCompatibility: iOS, Android

While researching, our tech team discovered this live video streaming app that could give TikTok formidable competition in India. Since it caters to a niche community of fashion-frenzied people, Roposo enables them to watch live video streams from top celebrities and fashion influencers and use the app to shop for their favorite attire.

Available in 10 languages, this app has become one of the leading alternatives to TikTok because of its unique features and has earned 10 million downloads. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, it has live downloadable links so people can stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, create fun videos, and shop simultaneously with ease.

10) Triller – The Ultimate Indigenous Platform That Rivals TikTok

Triller Best Alternative To Tiktok In IndiaCompatibility: iOS, Android

The countless features of Triller enable social media influencers and celebrities to gravitate toward this refreshing app. This short video creation platform allows anyone to create their videos and use the wide arsenal of tools to edit, cut and trim, remix by adding music and filters, and do whatever Snapchat does. This social video editor was created to capture flawless videos and make them unique. Hence it is one of the best alternatives to TikTok in India.

Downloadable from the Google App Store and having free APKs compatible with the iOS platform, the application helps you share your crazy fun moments with your friends through Instagram, Facebook, etc. But it is not a social media platform itself.

Choose Your Tiktok Alternative

Now that you know about the best TikTok alternatives in India in 2023, you can download whatever suits you the best and embark on the journey of bite-sized video creation for infotainment. Follow your friends and near ones, create a lovely group of followers, and share the fun in an unhinged way amongst yourselves.

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