Does Evri Deliver On Saturdays And Sundays In the UK in 2023? It is a frequent query regarding the weekend delivery of Evri. While there are many delivery companies, why is it so important for Evri’s deliveries to work on the weekend? Not all companies deliver across the length and breadth of the UK.

The weekend deliveries help in getting the parcels delivered on time. The difference between Friday and Monday can be huge, especially in the modern-day age of superior connectivity. Users have also consistently enquired about the Evri deliveries on non-working days. In this article, we’ll discuss the Evri delivery times for weekdays and weekends (Saturdays and Sunday’s).

What Is Evri Parcel?

What Is Evri Parcel

Evri is the rebranded version of Hermes, which created a new brand entity and logo to go with the name change. They have been delivering parcels since 1974 and are now United Kingdom’s largest dedicated parcel delivery company. They offer several add-on services, including international deliveries. Eight of the UK’s largest retail brands are using Evri for their company’s delivery requirements.

Superunion helmed the rebranding, which is entirely logo and font base, and created in association with Monotype. The 194,481 unique bespoke logo artworks highlight the uniqueness and quality of services. The rebranding also helped rebuild the brand after several negative reviews, including their delivery executives throwing parcels across the fence (in several viral videos). They have also rated a poor 2-star rating on ‘trust’ and a 1-star rating for ‘handling customer problems’.

What Time Will The Evri Courier Pick Up Your Parcel?

Evri’s 18,000 local couriers work in the various neighborhoods in the UK, covering the entire length and breadth of the country. You can schedule their couriers from as early as the next day, and as far as 7 days ahead. You can, thus, have your courier scheduled as early as tomorrow.

They will give a 2-hour slot for the pickup on the day you schedule it. The pickup will happen between 8 am to 8 pm on Monday to Friday and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday. Pickups aren’t collected on bank holidays.

Does Evri Deliver On Saturday In The UK?

Evri offers deliveries, pickups, and returns of parcels on Saturdays. All the services: couriers, ParcelShops, and Lockers are available on Saturdays. The three different services available on Saturdays are:

Evri Courier Collections

Evri courier is a network of friendly neighborhood couriers who work round the clock. If you don’t have access to ParcelShops, or if you can’t go out of your place, couriers will collect your parcel from your home or workplace.

Evri ParcelShops

ParcelShops are alternatives to the post office. You can simply drop a package at your nearby corner shop. Evri has a network of over 7000 national and international ParcelShops. The print in ParcelShop devices helps you print the parcel label, while also using the shop to book and pay for the parcel.

Evri Lockers

Lockers are an even more convenient way of booking couriers, as they are open every time of the day, every day of the week. Their availability is easier, usually outside local shops and supermarkets. In the UK, Evri has over 3000 parcel lockers.

The regular delivery hours for Evri couriers are 8 am to 8 pm. It also depends on the type of delivery chosen. Here are the two types of deliveries Evri offers:

  • Standard Delivery: The usual delivery of parcels in standard delivery is between 2 to 4 days. It also depends on the distance and location of the parcel destination. The parcels can be picked up from any place–including the workplace – during the stipulated time period.
  • One-day Delivery: Evri can deliver your parcels to most locations in the UK. Once you drop a parcel off before noon at ParcelShops and select one-day delivery, you will be able to send the parcel on the very next day.

The following are the perks and services of choosing Evri:

a. Parcel Cover: A £20 parcel cover is standard with all the parcels, except for prohibited items, postable parcels, and non-compensation items. For other items, you can increase the cover by paying a small amount.
b. Tracking: Evri provides robust parcel tracking. Each parcel, whether booked through courier, ParcelShop, or Locker, gets a 16-character parcel code. It can be tracked by both sender and receiver.
c. Divert a Parcel: You can divert your parcel to a safe place or your neighbor, depending on the service booked. The parcels that require signature can’t be diverted.
d. 3- Delivery Attempts: In case of unavailability, Evri makes 3 attempts to deliver the parcel.

The pricing for Evri delivery is:

  • Standard Delivery: Service charges start at £3.67 for courier collection and £2.95 for ParcelShop and Locker drop-off for parcels under 1kg.
  • One-day Delivery: Services start at £3.76 for postable parcels under 1kg.

Does Evri Deliver On Sunday In The UK?

Does Evri Deliver On Sunday In The UK

Evri delivery is available on Sundays according to Evri’s official website. Most of the Parcelshops are also available on Sundays, while Lockers are available 24×7.

Evri courier pickups are also available on Sundays according to Evri’s Website. Evri states” We deliver on Sundays, Mondays – every day of the week. You can send, receive and return your parcel using our couriers, ParcelShops, and Lockers”

Evri Courier Collections

See the Evri Weekend Delivery Policy page here

Evri Courier Collections

Evri courier network will deliver the parcels on Sundays as well if the delivery period is falling on a Sunday.

Evri ParcelShops

While most ParcelShops are open on Sundays, it is advisable to check for their availability of them locally or online. The delivery will happen via couriers themselves.

See Evri Parcel Shop page here

Evri Lockers

Lockers are available round the clock and hence offer the most convenient method of parcel delivery. You can simply drop the parcel at the Locker via scanning the code, and the parcel will be delivered.

The delivery type depends on the type of delivery chosen, and how you have sent the parcel. The following delivery types are there for Sunday deliveries:

  • Standard Delivery: This type of delivery is available with all the options: courier pickups, ParcelShop, and Locker parcel drops. The delivery times are 2-4 days on average, with the speed depending on the delivery location and distance.
  • One-day Delivery: One-day Delivery option is available only via ParcelShops and Lockers. It covers most of the locations in the UK. Some locations aren’t available for the Next Day delivery, however.

The following benefits come along with Evri’s parcel:

a. Parcel Cover: A standard parcel cover of £20 comes with all the Evri parcels, with the exceptions of prohibited items, postable parcels, and non-compensation items. With a small fee, the parcel cover can be increased.

b. Tracking and Diverting: One of the highlights of Evri is the simple courier tracking by using the 16-character parcel code. The sender and receiver can both track the parcel. The receiver can even divert the parcel to a neighbor or a safe place, depending on the type of service booked. Only the parcels that require signature can’t be diverted.

c. More Delivery Attempts: Evri understands you aren’t always available at the delivery location. Thus, Evri’s couriers make three attempts at different times/days to deliver the parcel.

The pricing for Evri delivery is:

  • Standard Delivery: Standard delivery charges for a postable parcel under 1kg is £2.66. For an under 1 kg parcel, by courier pick up, it costs £3.67 and for drop-off; it costs £2.95 (all inclusive of VAT). A 10-15kg parcel costs £9.44 by pickup and £8.60 by drop-off.
  • One-day Delivery: Services start at £3.76 for postable parcels under 1kg and go up to £9.71 for a 10-15kg parcel.

Concluding Words

Evri, sounding like Every, is a household name in the UK. It delivers your parcels, Evri-where. The service includes several added benefits and features and offers flexibility. The delivery options and the pickup or drop-off options are also varied. Evri is the biggest courier service provider in the UK and is making further growth from the times of Covid, with new branding resulting from the growth.

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