Google Drive is the primary repository for all of the items you’ve stored on Google Cloud, but as you gather more and more papers and digital stuff, it gets increasingly difficult to know where you’ve put things. With the addition of a new ‘Location’ column in search results and other places of the UI, the web version of Drive is making gains in this respect.

A New Column Displays The File’s Location Added In Google Drive.

Location Added In Google Drive.

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According to the business, this function allows users to distinguish between similar-named files stored in different locations and get exactly what they’re looking for much faster. When you’re in the Search, Recent, Starred, or Trash areas of the list view, you’ll see the ‘Location’ column.

The new location view is being sent out initially to Workspace customers and will be publicly available in June 2022. It’s logical to presume that Google will likewise make this available to private Google users, albeit no confirmation has been provided. In any case, the functionality will make it easier to grasp your file structure if you still use it frequently. After all, file searching has advanced to the point where you may no longer need to keep everything in perfectly arranged folders.

The Location column will provide the file name, owner, last changed date, and file size.

This new search capability is accessible to all Google Workplace clients and basic and corporate G Suite users.

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Other Google Drive Updates For Simplifying File Management

A New Column Displays The File's Location Added In Google Drive.

Google Drive recently received new shortcuts for easier file management.

In Google Drive, the business provided the option to use keyboard keys to cut, copy, and paste.

The shortcuts essentially are identical to those found on a Windows or a Mac. This means you can copy, cut, and paste files by pressing Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V, respectively. Having said that, we can copy and paste data between Google Drive folders. Copying a file also copies the URL and title, allowing you to paste a file from Google Docs or even an email.

Those aren’t the only shortcuts that will be available. Using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+V, you may create shortcuts inside Drive to add a reference to a file elsewhere without replicating the file and eating up more space. Also, there is a Ctrl+Enter shortcut that opens the selected file in a new window in the browser.

In truth, the new shortcuts work really well and may make moving and managing files more straightforward, particularly if you’re accustomed to doing so while viewing files on your PC. It is unclear whether it is already accessible to everybody. However, if you have not received this update for any reason, you should receive it very shortly.

Google Drive Custom Labels Options.

Google Drive admins can now configure custom labels that can be implemented to files stored in their organization’s domain. This allows users to easily classify and organize content while also aiding with the file research process and protecting against the deliberate mishandling of sensitive documents.

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