Roblox Corporation-owned VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform Guilded released new updates with more features this fall. The new features are intended to make in-app searching, organizing events, and sharing files with higher capacity more accessible and fun.

Guilded has also sought support and feedback from the users and published new fixes and modifications in their changelog.

What Is Guilded?

Guilded is a platform similar to the popular VoIP and instant messaging social platform Discord.

It should be noted that similar features of Guilded include core functionalities like text-based communication and voice chats, emoji reactions, User Interface (UI), functionalities like Categories and Channels, Roles in the sidebar, server settings, etc.

Besides, it offers free services like integrating event calendars, forums, and more into group chats.

The New Features Of Guilded

Guilded Added Shallow And Deep Search, Tracking Events & More

Let’s take a look at the new features which are soon hitting the docks:

  • Shallow and Deep Search: The update brings two types of Search capabilities to the Guilded platform- Shallow and Deep. Shallow Search, available in the server header, lets users find specific channels, events, documents, users, and more. It improves accessibility significantly. Deep Search, on the other hand, is capable of trawling through the content of messages across the whole server. It is an exhaustive option that consistently comes up with a particular phrase or name.
  • Tracking Events: The new Events section will facilitate monitoring events across the servers. Guilded’s calendar channel lets users easily create and manage events, but many find them difficult to track. The new Guilded update revamped the Events section to empower the users to view all of the events from their profiles. Moreover, the server and RSVP status can filter the aggregate calendar.
  • Upped File Support and Upload Cap: Guilded supports the free uploading of heavy files of multiple formats to the server. When compared, Gilded prevails over Discord on this particular feature. The latest update will include more file types, extending the support to more than 75 file types. It includes project formats, audio, archive, etc. The cherry on top, the file upload cap has also been increased from 200MB to 500MB.

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Difference Between Guilded And Discord

Guilded and Discord have some noticeable differences as well. For example, in Discords, the channel types are different. Whereas Discord has four, Guilded supports ten channel types in total.

Guilded also has a different mechanism to enhance the navigational features of a server. It also has the Server Groups, which help bypass the problem of having excessive categories and channels for several parts of the community on Discord servers.

Guilded uses a method of Server Discovery that is easier to access. It has a publicly facing discovery system, as all the servers are connected to a URL.

Also, the servers are more discoverable. Guild supports Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with its servers open to search engines. Both the applications differ in server subscriptions as well.