To recapture the significant market share it once enjoyed, Facebook(the parent company of Instagram) had to rebrand by changing its name to Meta. The Instagram parent company also had to restructure its strategy across all its platforms, including Instagram.

Reels were an important area on Instagram that the firm announced its intentions to focus more on. Created by content creators, these are short, entertaining, and immersive TikTok-like videos for which the social platform is known. They serve different purposes, including entertaining you, educating you, or promoting a brand.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would adopt different approaches to make Reels more rewarding for Meta and its clients. One of the approaches was for Meta to share, from time to time, new tips with people on how to maximize their Reels content approach. And true to his word, Instagram recently shared a set of tips as follows;

The Tips Shared on Instagram For Getting Most Of Reels

Instagram Released Guide For Making Most Out Of Your Reels

Image Source: Meta/ Facebook

TIP 1: Be Authentic

Instagram recommends that you create authentic videos that reflect you or your brand. Or the video should contain exact information about what you are covering.

TIP 2: Don’t Forget The Objective

Don’t get too immersed in entertaining your viewers that you forget about your objective for the video. If boosting sales is your aim, be sure to tell people where they can find your product. But make sure to avoid making your video look too salesly. You can provide this information cleverly in the middle or towards the end of the video.

TIP 3: Don’t Be Afraid To Use The App’s Features

Remember that there are many Reels similar to or even better than yours. Make sure that those videos stand out to maximize their potential. At least that’s what Instagram recommends. You can use Instagram’s features like augmented reality effects, custom audio, and timers to make your videos entertaining, compelling, and unique. Stay in touch with the app’s latest features, using them on your videos. Also, add relevant hashtags to them, as it will help give your videos more exposure.

TIP 4: Complement Your Videos With Beautiful Songs

Songs are a well-known strategy to grab and retain your viewers’ attention. Many viewers will find Reels without that too serious and tedious, yet they are there to loosen up a little bit.

TIP 5: Use Auto-Captions

Don’t forget to include auto-captions in your videos. These will enable your viewers to understand what you are saying, especially if you have a heavy accent.

TIP 6: Talk About Trending Topics

You’ll find that most viral Reels are those around trending topics that have not yet been exhausted by other content creators. It’s all about knowing how to relate your topics to your brand.

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Is Instagram Slowly Fading In Popularity?

It’s in the public domain that Instagram is slowly losing users. To support this statement, here’s an excerpt of an article about Instagram’s fading popularity that Elena Cavender—an author for Mashable, posted on the blog a few months ago;

“Instagram is slowly dying. A 2021 survey from financial services firm Piper Sandler found that only 22 percent of teenagers said Instagram was their favorite social media platform, coming in third after Snapchat and TikTok.Back in 2015, the same survey showed Instagram as the preferred social media app among teens, with 33 percent of participants claiming it as their favorite. In that time, the platform has undergone significant changes.”

It’s pretty challenging to attribute this loss to anything at the moment as it’s a very recent phenomenon that began as recently as 2019. Could it be because of the new market entrant TikTok, or are people just getting bored of influencer marketing and ads? (c).

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